Is there anything in the rules that says we have to use a cart?

Not that I know of (although some venues require it for unloading at a bag and tag regional). It would however be a really bad idea to not have a cart. Your drivers are going to be running all over creation for 3 days, and the last thing you want them to have to do is carry the robot the whole time. Pushing robot along the ground is also generally not recommended, as it back-drives the motors which can make the speed controls “unhappy.” If you want to be safe, you need a cart. Some teams go all out and build glowing carts with power plugs etc. (like my team :cool: ), while others go really simple and cheap. If you search CD I’m sure you’ll find lot’s of examples/pictures.

Good Luck!

From the FRC Administrative Manual Section 4

4.3.2 Robot Carts
To protect team members from muscle strains and other injuries as they transport the robot between the pits and the competition area, we strongly recommend that team members use a cart. Please keep the following in mind:

-Carts must remain in the team pit area when not in use for robot transportation;
-All carts should fit through a standard 30-inch door;
-Wheels on the cart must not damage site flooring; and
-Do not add music or other sound devices to the cart.

Refer to the “FIRST Safety Manual” for robot lifting techniques. By practicing these safety techniques, your team members will also develop a quick, fluid routine.

Please be sure your team number is prominently displayed on your cart. The queuing staff will thank you - after they’re done chewing you out for leaving the cart in everyone else’s way. :rolleyes:

I have been to 6 years worth of regionals i know the purpose of the cart,distance of travel,etc.
i was asking for legality because my team had an idea to have ajustable wheels(free spinning of course) that would move down so that they could push the cart but have since abandoned the idea.
Thanks anyway!

Are you suggesting fold down wheels permanently attached to the robot that can be locked in the up position during the match and the folded down to move the robot? If so, that is an awesome idea for teams that have the weight/time. It could greatly help reduce the confusion of 12 robots and carts swarming the field all at once.