Cascading Rigging Help

No matter how many diagrams I have looked at I cannot understand cascading rigging for the life of me. Does anyone have any resources that will help me to understand how to design and/or make a cascading elevator?

Try giving this video a watch, the whole series is greyt.


Let’s not RAMP up the puns now, it’s still early into summer CD


I have looked at this series before but the rigging still hasn’t made total sense, specifically the rigging for the carriage. Any tips?

(And i have used the greyt CAD as well)

Not OP, but essentially what happens is you have the outer stage rigged with the chain to move up, and the carriage is rigged on a loop within that outer stage. Basically, you have a point near the top of the outer stage when it is at its lowest position that is attached to frame (stationary), so as the outer stage moves up, the rigging for the carriage will move with respect to that grounded point, so the carriage will move up.

Isn’t the carriage chain also mounted to the chain. So how exactly does mounting the chain/string in the inner loop to stationary frame make the carriage move up?

I think this video might help. It’s for FTC but explains the basic rigging if I’m correct.
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That actually helped a lot. I now understand why mounting the second string to the stationary piece moves the second stage as well as the first.

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