Case Structures

I need to use a case structure that doesn’t use a boolean. I know that if I wire another type of input to the case structure it will fit itself to the type, but is there any other way to change its input and see the cases associated with each type?

Go ahead and hook up the string, number, or enum. Then click through the diagrams and using the menu items at the bottom you can choose some of the items, or you can type into the label. Be sure to look at examples or manuals to get a feel for the flexibility.

Greg McKaskle

Cases are extremely versatile, all you have to do is wire something to the boolean case node and it will switch to what ever you wire it to. the only other things I’d like to add is that if your doing an array or something like that that the case doesn’t always add all the variables available

in that case, you right-click and select ‘add case after’ and it should create a new case with the next variable in the array

Just to keep the terminology clean, cases/switches don’t do arrays at all. The string and enum have a set of values they support, but the thing wired must be a scalar, not an array.

In the case of the enum, it may be useful to use the popup for creating all cases at once, otherwise use the Add before or Add after.

Greg McKaskle