In previous years we have used ball/pedestal casters. We however do not know where they came from. Anybody got any ideas?

They are called Ball Transfers and are available at most industrial supply places. has them on page 1211

you may also want to try here:

Thanks for the insight.
What we are looking for is slightly different. Not the conventional shopping cart casters more like a caster with a ball in it kind of like on a pedistal. What we are trying to eliminate is the having to orient the robot like when pushing a shopping cart it wont just go out dead straight. Maybe casters arnt the way to go for this and if thats the case as well anybody got any good ideas? Thanks for the help!

If you can’t find the ball casters, try putting omni wheels in instead.

We are using casters we bought at Lowes

Last year we had casters on our bot… and it couldn’t drive straight. So instead we just took off the hard plastic wheels and mounted them to the front of our 'bot. It worked well, except when we had to give demonstrations on hard (non-carpeted) floor…

go omni wheels, they’re the best of both worlds

Now if anybody were to have a suggestion on a good place to find omni wheels what would everybody think.

omni wheels can be found in the andy mark website

and the direct omni wheel link

theres 3 kinds available on that website, read up on them and see which one fits your application the best; if you have any troubles contact me for more help =D

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