CAT5 for Solenoid Connections

If I’m reading things correctly, we can legally use CAT5 to run from the PCM to the solenoids, correct? Rule book shows a minimum of 28 AWG and Wikipedia shows CAT5 as 24AWG. Just making sure before we pull wire. The goal this year is to pass inspection first time.

We did this a few years ago and didn’t have any issues with inspection. Be prepared to explain these connections (we did have to do this – not everyone knows what gauge wire is contained in CAT5 cable).

I am not, however, an inspector of any type so I defer to their expertise if they have anything that contradicts me on this.

There are different gauges for CAT5, so if the gauge is not printed clearly on the cable, have a cut sheet of the CAT5 you used showing gauge.

Alternately, locate your PCM near the solenoids, and just run your CAN cables there.

You are correct as to the wire gauge. However, I always caution teams that using solid wire on moving devices like a robot beg for wire fatigue and failure. We rarely use solid wire and then only when very secure so that it will not move. Essential wiring gets changed out whenever suspect.

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^This, In 2011 I remember learning about such the hard way. However, swapping to stranded cat5 fixed the issue…

You can get stranded cat5 cable. Most patch cords are made of this. It’s only the stuff that gets ran in the walls that is solid usually.