Catches at the 2014 Championship

Hello! I’ve been wondering if catches are as present at the Championship as they were as in some regionals. Could someone please tell me if there have been any catches during a match at the Championship yet? Thanks!

Team 48 trussed and 25 caught once during Newton Match 59.

Cool … thanks! I’m waiting to see if there’ll be any other replies!

My guess would be no, however I haven’t really watched any Champs yet, so my statements have no real validity.

If MSC has any indication of how Champs will be played, many/most alliance will go with either:
human --> robot --> robot (truss) --> human --> robot (score)
human --> robot (truss) --> human --> robot --> robot (score)

I totally agree with you that catching can’t really be a strategy at the Championship, but I’m pretty sure that there will be a handful of games with truss catches before the Championship is over.

Match 6 7 - archimedes had a catch with 2165 got a nice toss to 33 for a catch.

Team 25 had two more catches in Newton match 102. BeachBots did the trussing.

team 862 had a catch in Galileo match 80.

I couldn’t tell you match numbers off hand, but from what I’ve seen on Archimedes:

2067 managed one catch with their swerve drive sliding under the shot.

20 has managed a few catches that seemed more planned out into their wide hopper.

1918 Caught at least one truss pass from themselves (I know it doesn’t count but it was still interesting.)

33 Has at least one catch I believe, but I could be mistaken.

No, you’re right :

2363 caught a truss throw from 1775 in Galileo Q63.