Categories View as Default



A lot of users aren’t used to Discourse’s default view as latest. The categories view is much more familiar to users, so it might be a good idea for it to become the default view of the forums homepage.


I would disagree. The latest view is similar to the right side of the portal page. The categories view puts latest on the right while coping the forums page on the left. I don’t think that is similar to anything from the old style CD.


I very much disagree. The Categories view was extremely intimidating to new users as it presented them with literally dozens and dozens of different places they had to look for information. The option should exist but that’s a part of the old site that was not very user friendly.


To be honest, I never looked at the forum view on old CD, just the portal’s recent posts list. I did just check out the categories view, and had a thought… Is there any way we can get the category colors more organized? I think it would help when looking at the latest list - you would know instantly by color what area the post was in. As it is right now, if I see red, it could be Rumor Mill, 3D Animation and Competition, Sensors, Competition, District Events, Thanks and/or Congrats, The Blue Alliance, Chit-Chat, or Technical [MF]. None of those areas are really related in any way. So if I see red, I still need to read the category name.