[Caterpillar Inc.] Hiring multiple control system engineer roles!

Hey again! My group is hiring!

Click here to apply!! EDIT: one sec, looks like the posting number changed, I’m looking for the right answer still…

The description is fairly generic, but I can give some additional details of the roles:

One is related to Battery Thermal Management controls. We’ve been doing some fun battery electric machines of recent and, as you might be aware, batteries come with all sorts of great energy and temperature management questions. You’ll be designing, implementing, and testing the control logic for leverageable thermal management packages across a broad range of machines.

Another is related to general powertrain control logic. We’ll still be producing automatic transmission for many years to come and are investing in the next generation of control strategies. You’ll be responsible for software design, implementation, and test for hydraulically controlled automatic transmissions and gear selection strategies on a wide range of machines.

So basically what we do for robots, just big and yellow.

Aside from the benefits the job description mentions:

  • You get to work with yours truly!
  • Vibrant local FIRST robotics community
  • Extra paid time off to volunteer at FIRST events
  • Peoria’s a pretty solid place to put down roots and raise a family - just the right balance of small-town-local feel with big-town conveniences and venues.

Also, keep in mind, like most job postings… the details are mostly aspirational statements, not hardline requirements. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience in embedded controls, but are looking to get into the area - it’s worth the application. Seriously.

Let me know if you apply, I’d be happy to answer any questions and pass resumes around.


Do I hear opportunities for smores?


If only you posted this in 2018 when I was looking for jobs in Peoria! I’m not in the area anymore but best of luck finding someone!

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The average smore takes about 2.2 kJ of energy to prepare.

A single Cat charger is speced for 500kW of output power.

Under various assumptions, the ideal smores-making opportunity is 227 smores per second.


Is it just me or does the link 404?

Yup, looks like the link went down this morning. Asking around a bit…

One more update - Finally figured out the 404. Role is still open!

Since I can’t edit the original post, here’s the real link:

Apply Here!!


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