Catwalk Match Videos

Here are some videos taken from the Catwalks in the EJD on Friday after lunch.
I could use some help in identifying the teams playing on Newton, Hopper, and Galileo.

195’s 2-ball autonomous.
They were the one team this year that pulled off this exceptional feat consistently.
Too bad they weren’t able to deal with the defense provided by 1405, the Finney Falcons, in their Semifinals on Einstein.

Match on Newton 1
Match on Newton 2
Match on Galileo
Match on Newton or Hopper

Playlist of all of the videos that I took are here:
Playlist for FRC 2016 CMP
This includes a tour of the Pits and the Fields before the competition started, as well as the “Whiteboard Wall”]( that students added to as the completion progressed.

Galileo 1 looks like 195 is on the red alliance, running their 2-ball low bar auto. It also doesn’t look like an elims match as I don’t see 987’s turret swinging around to shoot.

That should narrow the field a bit.

Galileo 1, I have the teams participating.
It was Qualification match 88.

Also, it’s Playoffs, not Elims. :slight_smile:

If it was Friday, then it couldn’t have been playoffs.

Stop teasing me!

I always appreciate the catwalk videos from CMP that you take! A fun perspective to the now-familiar game and robots…

Newton 1 looks like 48 on blue. Based on their partner with a tall green thing and an opponent that could be 188, this is most likely Q85 on Newton.

Newton 2 looks like 125 on blue vs 3360 on red. Based on that, it’s Q87 on Newton.

I think your Newton or Hopper match involves 48 (again) on red and 5817 (swerve drive) on blue… I expect it’s Q91 on Newton.

Sorry. :frowning: No harm meant.

Thanks for filling in the blanks Nathan.
Your team is always awesome.

Added a Pre-competition tour of the Fields & Pits