Caught Off Guard

I saw this today on MSN and thought it was funny, and kind of what happens at a competition if you stop paying attention. Enjoy.


For some reason your link didn’t immediately load but I don’t suppose this is the video of the New Mexico State women’s soccer team incident last fall is it? That incident was certainly one of what might happen if you have a ponytail and aren’t paying attention! BRUTAL!

“Watch as soccer commentator Chris Kamara struggles on live TV when asked about a red card given out during a match”.

Poor guy… I mean, you can see his face turn red from embarrassment. :o

Haha I know. I was laughing for a while. That kind of happened to me in Florida. They announced a red card to a team after a match and one of my kids asked me who it was on and what it was for and my reaction was about the same.