Caulk or glue for protection of Poof Ball?

We have the rough edges on a piece of our robot. We were thinking of putting some caulk or glue on the edges so it wont rip up the balls, is this legal?? :confused:

I think glue is not legal, but is there anything like it for protection and safety or something?

File the rough edges.

Without knowing the material in question, I would suggest smoothing the rough edges with a file and/or chamfer tool of some sort. :slight_smile:

ya I guess some sand paper would do, or a file. I didn’t think some subtance could be legal. I just was not sure if it was legal for protection.

One of those vibrating palm sanders works well for getting rid of rough edges (provided they aren’t in small/tight areas) and actually leaves a nice finish on the surface of aluminum plate/sheet.

well if any of the chalk falls on the floor (which it will if the ball does) then it’s illegal since it would be considered as part of your robot no?

if you can’t make it smooth, how about taking some rubber wrap it around or burn it unto the edged pieces?

Two words: Bubble wrap!

While it may not be absolutely required, I know last year we had an inspector ask us to file down some sharp edges on the robot… It’s not a bad idea anyway, I can’t see it taking more then an hour to file down edges on the entire robot.