Caveat for Google Sponsorship?

Hi Teams,

Somewhere in the haze of the period before the build season, our team was one of many that received several thousand dollars from Google. The problem is, I remember there being a caveat- an essay about how the grant helped our team, or something like that. And either my memory is a lot worse than I thought, or there is a caveat and I can’t find the email telling me about it. I talked to our head mentor and she doesn’t remember anything like that, but then again she also has notoriously bad memory. So I thought I’d turn to the Chief Delphi community for help. Anyone also sponsored by Google want to set me straight?

As a Google sponsored team out in San Jose, I know we need to write a 2-3 page report saying how the money helped us. This basically will help you get continued sponsorship. If you would like, I can forward you a copy of the e-mail I have from Jim Beck.

That’d be awesome- I’ll message you with my email. Thanks.

I guess my memory didn’t fail me. :stuck_out_tongue: