CAW question

I’ve tried reading the rules, and I think I get it, but to be sure:

Vendor A sells a COTS item for $100, they also have a program where robotics teams and other young engineers can apply for free part. They agree to give the team 4 of these items for free. What is put on the CAW?

If it is not part of the Kit of Parts or voucher program from FIRST, you put the market value.

We get lots of free metal from a supplier. They also provide the free metal to other teams. But we still list the market cost on the CAW

Applicable parts from the blue box under R13:

Example 2: A Team receives a donated sensor. The company would normally sell this item for $52 USD, which is therefore its fair market value.

Example 3: Special price discounts from National Instruments and other FIRST Suppliers are being offered to Teams. The discounted purchase price of items from these sources may be used in the additional parts accounting calculations.

Assume the rules and blue box stay the same next year, and there was no clarification from the Q&A, because those would take precedence.

Without knowing any more, I would say example 2 applies. If the company is not identified as a “FIRST Supplier”, then I don’t think we could apply example 3, but I would be happy to be proven wrong by the Q&A next year :slight_smile:

To provide some context, imagine the difference in terms of availability of such an offer between an official FIRST supplier like DigiKey, and a small local shop. A local shop may have such a policy, intended for any student in town interested in technology. Such a shop may not even have a web presence, so while any team could, theoretically, purchase from them, in reality it would only be available to teams in that area that know about it. For the sake of argument, lets assume the product is something generally available, like a Raspberry Pi, just so we don’t get into the question of “do they qualify as a vendor”. Heck, you could even get into a situation where a team approaches a local company, gets them to sponsor the team with free parts, and then presents them with the rule book and asks them to make the parts “free for any team” so they can keep under the cost limit, even if such a policy isn’t really made public.

What if they are a first official sponsor/ team sponsor?

Team sponsor doesn’t matter. The blue box specified FIRST Suppliers, not FIRST Sponsors. To me, that limits the list to the officially listed suppliers.

So if they’re on that list, a donation of parts can be documented as free on the CAW?

So here’s my take on it - If other teams can apply for the free part then you are not at an advantage by counting it as a free part. Perhaps make it known to other teams that they can apply for the discount or the free parts so they are aware - level the playing field as it were.

I don’t share the view that only the list of official suppliers is what was meant by that blue box. The Stereolabs Zed Camera, the RPLIDAR, and other items that many people have worked hard to have discounted and made available to all teams would not be legal otherwise. It would be a shame to lose out on actively engaging with NEW suppliers outside the official supplier list by making their products unusable by teams.

If it falls under the third example in the blue box.

To illustrate the example, anyone can purchase a RoboRio if they want. It’s $962.. But NI, a FIRST Supplier, has offered a special discount to all FIRST Teams, allowing them to purchase it for $435. If you had to include the RoboRio on your CAW (which you don’t), then you could use the second number instead of the FIRST.

This would all be a lot easier if you provided a link to what you’re getting and the documentation around the policy that lets you get it for free.

I agree with Marshall. If all teams can get it at a given price, that is the CAW price. As a hypothetical example, if Yoyodyne normally sold 3d printer thread at $50 for a spool, but discounted it to $35 for usage which was “Personal or educational: not to print items for resale” usage, I would report the cost of items printed with this material at the $35 rate.