CD 2 Factor Authentication Help

I’m having trouble setting up 2FA. Not sure what i’m doing wrong. I do not have a security key

You should want the option “Token-Based Authenticator” - that would generate a TOTP code for Google Authenticator or Authy.

it shows me a QR code and if i hit “enter manually”, it gives me #### #### #### ####

What are you using for auth? Iirc scanning that QR code in google auth (what I use) should set everything up.

PSA: When setting up 2FA, Remember to copy the back up codes. 2FA takes effect immediately and without those codes, you might will get locked out of your account.

That’s correct. Scan the QR code with an Authenticator app or manually enter the key to the app and it’ll start generating codes. Don’t share it though!

If anybody ever gets locked out, you can send me an email (webmaster@CD) from your registered e-mail address and I can disable 2FA.


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