CD 47 Edition 2007

Here is a short clip of the robot CD 47 in action.

If the school blocks you look from another location.

That is one really impressive ramp.

The ramps are impressive, is it safe to say you guys are only scoring on the lower rack? Very cool.

Looks great guys. One question, was there a specific reason the ramps drop one side at a time? IMHO it would be cooler to see both sides do everything at the same time.

Very impressive ramp, nice job.

nice ramp

No, we do score on the lower and middle spiders.

No both ramps can drop at the same time, thats just how we did it in the video, but yes it is really cool when they both fold out at the same time.:slight_smile:

Nice job on the ramp guys.

That was sweet when it unfolded. :slight_smile:


That was really cool watching the ramps unfold like that great job.

Wow, I really like those ramps.


Very nice! What is your ramp material made of?

Like most of the robot it is made of Alum tubing inc, the surface that is alum perf. Very thin, very light and very strong ( I hope).

We tested by using a 200+ pound person walking up and down the ramps ( a robot will never put that amount of force per sq inch).

how much does your entire ramp system weigh?

Haha, except on entry…

What size hole, thickness, and alloy are you using? We’re covering ours with 3/16" diameter hole, .05" thick, 3003 sheet from Mcmaster, with a similarly braced ramp. It feels good to me, but we’ll find out I guess.

One ramp assembly weighs roughly 16.5 lbs, so for both assemblies it weighs about 33 lbs.

Also adding to what Mr. Martus said, this is our practice robot so it looks shinier because we have polycarb under the perf metal, The competition robot does not. yep weight issues!!!

Looking good! We wanted to add ramps until we noticed our gigantic arm is in the way lol.

that is a great ramp…simple…and looks easy to get on,nice