CD^5 Rocks!

Posted by Tony K.

Student on team #292, PantherTech, from Western High School and DaimlerChrysler.

Posted on 3/12/2000 12:22 AM MST

Great job team 47!!! I especially love the sideways movement… that must have taken some tricky programming! You guys also have a nice group of kids to boot… I was greeted with a smile and the girl was happy to explain how the robot worked. That’s what FIRST is all about.

Good job to all other teams as well! I was impressed with some of the designs!

Anyone else have trouble getting home? (Team 45???) We got caught in a snowstorm here in Indiana… turns out it snowed 6’ back home.

One more thing… nice little jump over the hurdles Joe… I thought you were a goner for sure :slight_smile: