CD and the old days

Ever wander how CD looked back in the old days? Well i have your answer.
The first page dates back to Dec 12 1998


Taking you back in time

Mmm mmm, that was ugly.

Wow…I agree with Brandon, but it’s still funny to see how it all looked way before. Gosh in '98 I was only 9!! Crazy stuff, since I’m looking at all this dating back to when I was 9, 11, 12, 13…etc. Wow.

Yeah after seeing that page from 98 I must agree that sure was ugly so plain to =) good thing PhP was invented so that brandon can make the forums all shiny and new (spit shines the submit reply button) =)

…and even still, I miss it.

its fun to check out some of the older team’s websites and some of your personal sites too


I think that Brandon should switch the site back at some random time to look like it did in 98, just to have fun with people.

It wouldn’t last 2 minutes before going down in flames. There would be no fun on this end. :slight_smile: