CD "Build Something" Contest? Are you Interested?

Ok, so I had this idea, that every week I’d list up to 10 house hold items that you can go build something with, and then post a picture up and tell what it does, I’d pick a winner and keep points and all that fun stuff.

I’ll provide an image host with username and pw combo (that I’ll closely monitor for spam and inappropriate images) (so we don’t flood CD-media) that people can use. I’ll put more rules out if people are interested.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Sorry for any spelling errors in the poll, I’m not the best speller.

Good idea, but why not just host the images on Flickr or something free like that?

That’s what I mean. I’m gonna set up a free account (Probably Photobucket, maybe Flickr {im just getting used to Flickr…}) just for this use. Just to give CD-Media a break, and get all the images in a central location.

I’ll do it. I can only wonder what the first idea might be… (Bleach + Hair on Head isn’t an option though :rolleyes: )

Leave it to you to think of something dangerous.

I won’t be listing any products that can cause harm to any most living/most non-living organisms. (Except maybe to your sanity :wink: I’ve been known to think of pretty random objects :slight_smile: )

hmm I’d be interested, pending the challenge or whatever


Actually, come to think of it…this isn’t one of my best ideas. I mean yeah its a good thing, but it was just brought to my attention that people will have the opportunity to take advantage of this system. Meaning: Deleting other people’s pictures or altering them and re-uploading and copying that person’s idea.

If anyone has any suggestions to help solve this problem, that don’t involve CD media (I’m trying my best to keep it out of there…)please let me know.

one idea is to still use Photobucket or Flickr for hosting but only you would have access to post the photos there. Set up a dedicated gmail account that people would email the photos to. This would be similar to the Name the Mentor picture contest.

How about people find their own picture host (imageshack and the million others) and just put their picture in the post, as I’m doing now.](

That option does work, but it doesn’t keep all the images centralized like I want them to. But this is probably how it will land up. I might just mix this idea and Jay H 237’s idea together and have everyone enter the contest, and I just save and re-upload the pictures to a photobucket where I’ll keep albums of past contests. We’ll see what happens.

That would work, minus the fact that I would probably have to send them back a link and then they’d have to post it. That would take to much on my part.

What I’m looking for is a host that everyone can upload, but they can’t delete or edit the images but I can…

Well so far the current poll results tell you everyone so far thinks, “Wow this looks kind of cool, it would be something I might do.” Even those who said “I’m interested,” that is not a definite “I will participate.” I recommend you create the first challenge and rather than see if people like the idea, they can try it them selves then see if they like the challenge.

I also second the use of image hosts like ImageShack. Then Michelle can save, and document them on a login image host, using one account rather than many.

I just created the poll to see if more than one person was interested. Just to get an general idea, instead of putting it out there and having no one participate.

Here’s the current state of the rules, as I’m still building them.

I’m ready. Let’s do it!

I’m thinking of just starting it tonight because of the interest involved.

Actually…yeah even tough it’s technically Saturday.

And any more suggestions can be PMed or AIMed t to me.

Oh no I did not mean the poll was a bad idea, on the contrary what I meant was that the poll has currently proved that there is interest and that the challenge should be started soon.

Started. :slight_smile:

Just incase any of you are wondering here’s how it came about:

(22:34:49) Me: Ok
(22:34:51) Me: i just had an idea
(22:34:58) Me: The
(22:35:06) Me: “CD Build Something Contest”
(22:35:12) Me: Every week
(22:35:21) Me: I give a list of “Hose hold” materials
(22:35:27) Me: like 10 or something
(22:35:34) Me: and people have to build osmething out of it
(22:35:38) Adam: lol
(22:35:38) Me: and submit a picture
(22:35:40) Me: and tell what it does
(22:35:41) Me: :slight_smile:
(22:35:46) Me: DOESNT THAT SOUND FUN?!