CD Christmas Cards 2016

quietly returns mailing tubes to Staples

Last day for signups! That means that if you sign up today, I need your address in my inbox by 11:59pm TONIGHT! I’m also still missing an address from one person who has already signed up.

  1. Kara Bakowski
  2. Gus Michel II
  3. Nate Lucier
  4. Mike Taylor
  5. Jimmy Nichols
  6. Kevin Lam
  7. … (Canadian)
  8. … (x3)
  9. Nick Hammes
  10. Nate simpkins
  11. Tal Esh (Israel)
  12. … (Israel: 5 stamps for flat envelope)
  13. … (Israel: x5)
  14. … (Israel: x5)
  15. … (Israel: x5)
  16. Kyle Luiten
  17. Garren Lamprinakos
  18. Anna Fitch
  19. Carolyn Grace
  20. Scott Miller
  21. Katie Widen

I have a meh track record with this - but the lack of college means I have no excuses this year!

Addresses might be coming a little late - missing a couple parts of some addresses I didn’t realize until I put them all into a list (if you didn’t get a PM, you’re fine!). Hopefully Sunday night.

I just got all of my mail that was being held while I was on vacation, and over half of it was cards! Thanks to everyone who participated this year!