CD Diplomacy

i wanted to play a game of Diplomacy over these forums wiht a few intersted people, for those who dont know what diplomacy is look on wikipedia, they have a very nice article on it. I guess the game would be open to the first 7 people to say so, if there is only six then i will fill in #7, but at least 4 people are needed. post here if you want to play and if we get enough people then i will post with the way the game will be run.

Count me in. I’ve been wanting to play a full game for a while, but you know how time disappears just when you need it.

thats what the off season is for, just need to get a few more people then we can play:D

Count me in too…3 people :slight_smile:

I will play, but can you provide a link on how to play. that is the best link that i know of on wikipedias website there is a really basic layout of how to play and the external links will provide you with more, also we will be playing the classic/original version

Here is the begining map when we have all of the players then the countries will be decided via random number generator

[EDIT]I just noticed how small the pic is, i will fix that b4 we start playing[/EDIT]

For those that want to learn how to play, the official site ( has the rules ( and a simple FAQ. Also, the Diplomatic pouch is a good resource ( These are all linked to from the wikipedia page, but I think these are the most important resources for learners.

I love Diplomacy like a Fat Kid loves Cake. I have a big match with my friends scheduled for this Wednesday, I can’t wait. So count me in on a game. Maybe we could try mail in diplomacy provided everyone knows how to send orders in via email? I’ve done it in the past and I think there is software out there that can handle it (figures out what orders cancel out and what not)

I call Ottoman Empire!

that sounds like 5 people(kirish, team1591, Freddy Schurr, Conor Ryan, and myself) enough to start but we will wait till monday to close entry, sorry no calling it will be choosen randomly, and for how we will play:

  1. moves will be PMed to me(put something like diplomacy as the subject) i will then put them into my program for working out the moves then post the picture of the current map(I will make my moves without reading anyone elses so dont worry i promise on my rep points not to cheat)

  2. The diplomacy part of the game can be done via IM, PM, or here in this thread its up to you.

  3. i will start out making moves on this schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Moves must be in by 10PM EST of the day in question or will assume that your armies etc are all holding. Assuming that all goes well then i may make the move turn ins more frequent such as every day.

Yeah, I decided not to play because I don’t have time but thanks for the offer.

well it looks like we arent going to be able to play unless we get some more people, anyone else want to play a friendly game of Diplomacy?

pm dan of 1930…Hiteak

I’ll guess I will join in. It sounds fun.

New players: kirish, team1591, Hiteak, Conor Ryan, and myself well we still need 2 more so if anyone can rope a friend into it then we’re good to go!