CD-Events: 2007 Brunswick Eruption from North Brunswick, NJ

1075 attended, we are not listed on the event list, and I can’t seem to edit that.

Is this because of permissions I don’t have?

There isn’t an interface to add/remove teams yet … those have to be done manually …

If you get me a list of all teams that attended, I will add it …

was 1075 there? hmmmmm- of course they were there!!!

wow- I didnt even know there was an archive for rosters for events on CD.

Looking at it I see that it IS incomplete.

Gee- you learn something new every day

BE7 will be Nov 1st (Sat) but first we have the 2 day August Adventure on Aug 2-3 in Hightstown, NJ-

And we are still working on the formula for the next Suoer Evil Sundae. The kids want motor oil in it since this is a driving game…


Cast®ol Oil would work… :wink:

And btw, any official word on August Adventure going to be released soon to the CD Community?
Can’t wait for that one! From the early info I’ve heard, it seems like it will be a Great time!

I don’t know if this would count as official word. :stuck_out_tongue:
Expect more news on this as we get closer to the Championships.

:ahh: Can’t believe that’s the first time I saw that thread.
Thanks B-Rat!

Its amazing how much important news passes through CD without anyone ever seeing it…

like the free money thread last December