CD "like" button

Since a lot of people have wanted a “like” button for CD, here it is.

Please note: this button doesn’t actually work. It’s just something I made because people wanted it.

*You all asked for a “like” button, not one that worked. :slight_smile:

After some quick googling, this seems to be a solution if the CD moderators want to put one in.

Good find! CD Mods, please take a look at this. :smiley:

Throwing this out there: What does this do that the long-standing reputation system doesn’t?

IDK, but people have wanted it, so the subject was brought up. I, for one, think the reputation system is fine, however since there have been requests, I put this up.

I think that while it’s a good idea, its not really so necessary. The CD reputation bar is rather pointless to an extent on its own, so what I would say is either one or the other. The Rep bar allows “likes” to be private, and I think that’s good. One could very well go though each post on CD and “like” it, while in the Reputation system, you sorta have to work for “liking” something thus it happens less often and to the best posts. It makes it a bit more of a joy when someone sends you a thumbs up on a post though the rep bar than getting a series of simple button clicks.

Good idea, not worthwhile for CD in my opinion.

[strike]I got a full rep bar by saying I wanted one. So, yes, rep is very silly.[/strike] Rep can be expedited, but it isn’t hard to be worthy of a full bar. I think it’s not that big a deal.

However, I thought that people wanted the “like” button to interface with facebook, google+, etc. Which would be better than the existing rep system, because it lets you easily connect CD with other social media.

I’m on another forum that used the like button for about a month.

It’s really just a + Rep button that can be seen by other users.

I don’t see the need for it.
As it is, people on Facebook almost get offended if they get 0 likes nowadays.

Less playing to the camera, more talking about cool FIRST stuff please.

There is another advantage. The rep system only allows you to add reputation to a person’s posts once. After doing so, you need to “spread reputation” elsewhere before adding to the original user once again. This can, at times, be inconvenient. I think a facebook-style like button would be fairly convenient in CD.

Or at least make it so you don’t have to “spread the love” to everyone else before you can reward someone for their profound and truly honest answer.

I find the existing rep system to be far more meaningful than “liking,” for many of the reasons already posted. Also, let’s not forget the Spotlight feature. In general, I prefer for CD to remain a place for intelligent discussion of FIRST, its goals, and its competitions, and for it to not to devolve into a social medium.

Where is the… never mind.:wink: