CD Lunch at Az Regional

I would like to suggest a lunch “get-to-gether” at the Arizona Regional for all of the CD folks. How about Thursday during the lunch break? The bleachers across from the pits of Team 60 & 64 we mostly empty last year. Perhaps someone would like to make a large sign or banner? It would be nice to put a face with a name.

Ken Loyd
Team 64

I don’t remember these bleachers really but you can be sure I’ll be there.

We would love to participate but I bet we will be eating outside as much as we can. It will be tough on us to go from our beautiful 30 deg. weather to yours and spend it in the stadium all day. We ate under the trees next to the side entrance last year and it was such a great day last year. :cool:

We know what he looks like, so we’ll be following sandrag a parade (heads up sandrag - don’t let us forget - I’ve missed past events like this going on automatic for lunch outside)

I bow to the wisdom of Scott. I live here and I forget. Let us feast under the trees!

Ken loyd
Team 64

I look forward to it.

Don’t we all…jk scott.

Lunch would be perfection.

Where food goes, I follow :]

This sounds like a really cool idea, can’t wait for Arizona!

I’ll try to be there!!! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thats sounds awesome, Ill be there!

So who’s buying? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a rumor flying on the winds in the desert that Team 190 will be providing (too dusty to read what they are providing.)

Ken Loyd
Team 64

I think I can try to get a posse of Kingmanites out there!
Wouldn’t miss it for the world!


Team 60 is ALWAYS welcome! Kingmanites sound almost biblical.

Ken Loyd
Team 64

Dude… don’t dis the Kingmanites… haha! But, seriously, we love to hang out!