CD-Media Question

I’ve got a question about some of the photos in CD-Media.

Any idea why some photos don’t show up in Firefox When I try to view some photos like this one, the photo does not appear. Viewing the page in IE6 displays the photo fine. I’ll go hunt for some more examples for you as well.

I’ve tried to test and eliminate problems on my end, but no guarantees I’ve tried everything.

EDIT: Here are some more that don’t show up:

I provided links to the forum threads because the thumbnails won’t show up for me to click on and get to the photo page. The first link was obtained through IE.

I am using Firefox 2.0.03 and all the links and thumbnails work.

Ditto here.

Must be me then, sorry for the trouble.

*wanders off into the depths of the PC searching for it’s secrets.

The problem appears to be related to the AdBlock extension. I had tried a few other PCs in my house as well as many other things, but forgot to check extensions/start in FF Safe Mode.

Solved by Whitelisting ChiefDelphi

If you use Adblock Plus, just select the option to “Disable on

There are no obnoxious doubleclick or some such adverts on CD.