[STRIKE]I’m enabling CD-Media … things may show errors or be generally screwy for the next 30-60 minutes. Bear with me.[/STRIKE]

** CD-Media is up! Finally!
I think it was last June when I made an announcement, letting you know that the days of not being able to search the white papers and picture galleries was over! 9 months later, ta-da.

First, I’ll answer some FAQ:

Q: Is it done?
A: It is in a state that more than replaces the current photo/paper system.

Q: Can I use it?
A: Please do – the old ones are gone.

Q: What if I find a problem?
A: Send me a PM with a detailed description of what you were doing, what browser you are using, what OS, and any information you can provide. Exact error messages are extremely helpful.

Q: How do I edit information?
A: If you uploaded the image/paper, then you can edit it. Click the title, description, or excerpt and the edit form will appear. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’ and you’re done.

Q: What’s a tag?
A: There is a bunch of info about tags in the FAQ (link up top). A tag is basically a keyword (or very small phrase) that will help group similar images, and make things very easily searchable. You can add a tag by clicking the tag button (

Q: How do I get a Who-Am-I picture?
A: Upload an image. Give it the “Who Am I?” tag (double-quotes are required). Click the nametag (

Q: How do I change my Who-Am-I?
A: Click the nametag ( on any of your images, tagged with “Who Am I?”.

Q: I see an incorrect tag – what do I do?
A: Click the vote button ( Four unanimous votes pushes the change … otherwise majority rules after 2 weeks (time/amt subject to change).

Q: What is the naming scheme for tagging a team (or team’s bot) that appears in a picture?
A: frc47 … frc234 … frc229 … frc111 … fll25 … fvc23 … etc.

I have a lot of improvements and enhancements planned, but I wanted to get this out and start getting some feedback, bug reports, and make life easier when searching for things.

A few of the features that are new or improved, compared to the old systems:

  1. Upload multiple images at a time.
  2. Attach multiple files to a white paper, without having to zip them up.
  3. Searching.
  4. Tagging.

What now? **

Tagging.** The White Papers are in desperate need of tagging.

**Voting. **Keep an eye on new tags … when voting is available, the icon will show up. I will make a page, eventually, that you can visit to vote on pending tags.

Feedback & Suggestions. Let me know what is confusing, what needs improvements, what you like, what you don’t like, what’s broken, etc.


**1) Already, I see that the tag cloud (the list of tags, where the more common ones are larger) is going to need to change. I wasn’t thinking when I did it, and will be redesigning it tomorrow night. It kind of works, but not really.

  1. When creating the square (small) thumbnails, it may chop it weird – I’m working on a ‘re-thumbnail’ option that lets you choose whether to take the sqaure chunk at the top, middle, or bottom of the image.

Well that would answer a few questions. Thanks for all the work even late at night. Keep it up, can’t wait for CD-Media to be in full swing.

Is that where the Who-Am-I pictures went?

EDIT:“CD-Media and old photo/papers are off while i import… --brandon”
Guess so.


Yes. It’s missing on purpose, but it looks like I accidentally lost the who-am-i data also … I’m going to try my best to get it back. (your newest who-am-i will be set, you can always change it in CD-Media, so … no biggie.)

I added tags to (frc841 and “Regional Chairman’s Award”) and they showed up as hyphens!

(Should this be in the “Forum Help / Comments / Suggestions” sub-forum, now that CD-Media is live?)


CD-Media looks great!!
Thank You for ALL your hard work!!

I like it. Way cool, Brandon :cool:

so i am really digging the fact that everyone’s wai photo reverted to the first one that they updated…i mean look at big mikes (when he was little mike, which is still bigger then big Greg). Just wondering if everyone has to go in and change them or you can do a system wide setting and change them.


Tags – these are a cool new feature, but it looks like there are still a few bugs to work out.

I tried to add the tag “frc663” to the photo at but it instead results in a “-” being added to the tag list. I see that others have had similar problems on other photos.

This has happened to me trying to tag several pics “frc862” & “frc465”

Another tag quirk – the photo at was incorrectly tagged with “frc1296” but I don’t see any way to delete the incorrect tag.

Something to add about this, it seems to be connected to tags that were already added. For example, FRC111 would appear, because there have already been pictures with it tagged, while FRC217 would appear as a “-” because the tag doesn’t exist yet(?)

::Update Edit:: Now FRC217 works as a tag. Maybe it takes a few seconds to get into the system? Still had to retag all of the “-” tags though.

If you go to the item’s page and click on the little voting button in the tag window you can “vote” on the validity of that tag. As Brandon mentioned in his FAQ (above) -

Four unanimous votes pushes the change … otherwise majority rules after 2 weeks (time/amt subject to change).

Oh yeah … and Brandon …

FANTASTIC JOB!! This is a great enhancement - I love it! :yikes: :slight_smile:

I just fixed the ‘-’ … I’ll have to hunt down how that got in the system, and why the system started using it.

To remove invalid tags, you have to either vote them down (, or initate a voting sequence by clicking the little trash can next to them (

Old Who-Am-I pictures … whoops. Should be fixed now.

Bugs: using this thread works, for now.

More Tag FAQ:**

  • Dispite their length, we are going to tag regionals with at least 4 tags. This will help group/browse by a specific regional, a specific year of that regional, and all regionals.

– ‘Regional Name
– ‘Regional Name Year
– ‘regional’
– ‘year

For example:

“Great Lakes Regional” regional 2005 “Great Lakes Regional 2005”

  • Team numbers must be preceeded by ‘frc’ ‘fll’ ‘fvc’ … ie: frc47 frc111 frc234 frc45

wow this is pretty awesome brandon! i just tagged all my old photos, but this ability to search for pictures is gonna make using CD a lot more enjoyable.

So now that CD-Media is getting closer to complete how long until Ventures comes back?

Ventures will never be back – it may be replaced by something, but time will tell.


Great work! The tagging and interface is all incredibly easy to use.

Cool, thanks.

Another feature that may not be apparent:
You can use vBCode in your descriptions & excerpts.