CD Name Change

I think CD should change their name to Chef Delphi and bake us all cookies.

That’s funny, because at the Buckeye Regional, they were baking bread. I didn’t get any, but I heard it was pretty good. I’m up for a cookie though… Maybe they can bring some to IRI :smiley:

If i’m not mistaken “Chef Delphi” might have been “theme” for either the entire year or their chairmans award…I know i remember looking over at there pit once at Buckeye and seeing some sort of video where the kids were having a food fight.


I do know they were giving little boxes of fudge to the event staff at Epcot every day…I ended up coming home to MI with about 3 boxes of it…

I have a pin of a chef with a spatula near a grill that says Chief Delphi that I got from nationals

What about Thief Delphi?

i think you shouldn’t be posting that stuff mbiddy:mad:

Yes, I also think so. But I do what I have to do.

but they steal all my free time with these <explicative deleted> forums! :wink: Thief Delphi it is!

*Originally posted by SuperDanman *
**but they steal all my free time with these <explicative deleted> forums! :wink: Thief Delphi it is! **

What happen?

Someone set us up the distraction.
We get signal.


Main screen turn on.

It’s you.

How are you roboteers.
All your time are belong to Delphi.
You are on your way to atrophy.

What you say!?!

You have no chance to survive give your time.


Someone set us up this sig.

haha Chef Delphi! haha

it is funny that you post that Wetzel, we made an “all your base” parody also! about first, but this isnt’ a thread for that, and it might have gotten posted somewhere, i don’t know!

I completley missed Chief Delphi at the Nats!

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[All Your Base parody]


Zero Wing, Nice