CD RW Problem

Hey guyz,

I got a problem with my cd RW drive. I currently have CD reader, CDRW and DVD Combo in one cd drive. But the problem im facing is that it works as a cd reader i.e i can easily install and run anything on cd and DVD. but when it comes down to burn a cd. It just goes to 8 % and then says “the burn process failed”. This happens for ever file that i try to burn on a cd. I have tried All new cd’s but says the same thing. And One very suprising thing is that the cd doesent get destroyed. i.e I can reuse it again.

PS: Im using NERO 7 Ultra Edition for burning CD’s.

I will be very grateful if someone can help me out with this problem.

Bilal Shahid.

a CD-RW is not the same as a CD-R

CD-R = Recordable

CD-Rw = ReWritable

even if the burn had finished you would have been able to erase what is on the disk and write on it again

now, about your burning problem, do two things, reinstall nero, and make sure your buffer underrun is turned on :>

My Computer, Select the drive, right click, properties, recording, Enable CD Recording on this drive checkbox.

That’s the only idea I have. I have come across that unchecked before.

yes, but if it was that problem it wouldve never made it to 8% :S

alhough, i have hadd that box come unchecked on me too :wink:

Hey guyz,

I have checked all the possiblities as mentioned above.But the thing which comes into my mind is that cd R should not run (I.E no burniong at all) if the burner dosent wrk.but the thing is it goes for sometime like 8 - 10 % and then says it failed. Can verify this problem.I even tried looking on the websites.

Bilal Shahid
Team 1219

your sure its not the media?

clear your caches, temp files, and check if any new software has been installed

if that doesnt work go get one of those head cleaning cd’s and pop that in, also, clean up your HDD a bit