CD Slow as Heck?

So, has anyone else been having major speed problems today? It seems like it takes forever for me to load anything on the forums. I talked to Brandon, and he said it was a problem with the machine… I just wanted to know who else was experiencing similar problems.

I’m getting the same thing both at home and at school, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t do it all the time. Oh well…

Same here. Occasionally, it’s fine, but other times, it’s slow as heck…

Thank you for the reality check! SLOW!

Welcome to the Internet kids!

The Chief Delphi effect… on itself?

well they were having major server problems the other night ( It was down for a couple of hours )

mayb they are on a slower backup or something now…

But It has been a lot slower

yeah, this is slow. real slow, and i have DSL. im not used to this:(

the rest of the internet seems fine.
(jus checked):smiley:

Yeah same here… I thought it was my computer but now it seems to be working fine…

Ya it has been slow i first thought it was my network but no it is cd where is are great webmaster brandon to help us calling brandon if you can here save us

Well… everything appears to be all clear for now. I haven’t experienced the problem in a little while… stay tuned for further updates.

earlier it took about a minuet for any page to load and im on t1, but now its much better but still a little slower then normal.


I have a share of a T1 line from UD. I have been getting timeouts from CD today. It gets slow sometimes but i never got timeouts before. Meanwhile I was getting 200KB/sec d/ling new matches on SOAP. Go figure. There should be a positive correlation between the traffic on the 2 great FIRST sites.

Who runs the CD server? Do theypay monthly, or does some actual FIRST related human operate this on some fast internet conection?

According to Brandon, it was a problem with the server machine itself. Brandon has 2 other websites ( and that are hosted by the same company, in the same room, but they were both fine. That means it’s not a network problem, and the widespread problems mean it isn’t a connection problem. So, there was something wrong with the server itself that hosts CD.

Yes, it’s a problem with the server.
No, it doesn’t happen all the time.
Yes, I’m working on fixing it.

To make a long story short, everybody (me, ventures online, you :p) was caught off guard by an automatic update to mysql, apache & php. I’m guessing something that got updated messed up a previous configuration, or something. Anyway - - I’m working on it, please bear with me.

If it were during the season, I’d put up the $65/hr to have Ventures Online do a server audit and make it all happy… but I don’t want to pay $130-200 right now, when we have all summer to make it better.

So … bear with it … yes, its slow, but not always. Clicking again and again, or constantly hitting refresh does nothing but make it worse … so if you see it slow, go check yer email and then come back a few minutes later.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So it isn’t just my family overwhelming the cable modem.


/me goes back to working on Fred

mmm cd nice speed today awesome

:: sends money to the Brandon Martus relief fund ::

<===================== faithful follower of brandon all hail brandon