CD Spam

Ive noticed within the past week that there are quite a few spam threads that appear, are these usual, ive only been on Delphi for 3 months so im not sure

I’ve been on for several months, I’m not even sure how many. Spamming happens everywhere you go. I normally see 2-3 a month. But then again…

I survived the Great CD Spamming of 2006.

The moderators do an amazing job getting rid of that stuff really quickly. That’s probably why you don’t see so much.

i just saw 2 advertising threads pop up before i started this thread, one yesterday, and 1 on teusday

oo but today i finally got to report a thread, i dont think thats a good thing though

edit: another one popped up thats 3

any bets as to how long it will be until they try again?

Probably the same time tommorow, these spammers might have a schedule for this website and other websites

They probably won’t keep trying if it keeps getting deleted. But it seems when it rains, it pours with these spammers.

The moderators do, do a good job when it comes to getting rid of the spam. Kudos to them!!

But yeah I don’t really see it to often. It’s not that big of a deal anyway, it gets deleted and it’s like it never happened.

It never did happen. This forum doesn’t get spam. That’s what the subversive rebels want you to think.

Long Live Big Brother!

hears chants of “B-B!” in the background


Remember to post after the spam saying that you’ve reported it and, if you come across spam and see that someone’s already reported it, please don’t report it again. :slight_smile:

Some of y’all just reported the same piece of spam three times. When I get that much e-mail, that rapidly, it kinda freaks me out. :wink:

I have also noticed a bit of a rise in the number of spams recently compared to previous months. I’ve never read any of them, though, the mods are just so fast at deleting them.

The spam you see (or don’t see, thanks to the moderators) is most likely automatic. There are measures in place to prevent it, but some slips through.

Would you quit saying y’all Mads? You’re a New Yorker remember?

The mods do a pretty fantastic job, some forums I admin are not quite that clean to my dismay. I’m the only mod that cares and I can’t keep up with all of it.

Remember that with increasing popularity, Chief Delphi also recieves more attentioin from not-so-productive sources. They’re just spam threads - no harm will come of them.

I just noticed the 4 in one spammer and ya i think there has been more spam lately esp since i just noticed this one

I’d agree, I’ve never seen anything like this before.

o oi only thought there was only 4 but 6 we need to figure out a solution…if there is one

Why is everyone making a big deal out of all the spam? I really don’t understand. It shows up, and the mods take care of it. It’s not like it’s hurting anyone. I mean yeah, there’s been “a lot” recently, but do we really need to talk about it? I think it’s kinda pointless.

Just my .02 (don’t hurt me!)

Everyone’s bored, what else do we have to do in the off season?

Wait, what am I talking about…there are so many projects my team needs to get working on…but since I can’t do them right here and now, I’m still bored! :stuck_out_tongue: