Ever use Digg Spy?

It is a realtime auto-refreshing update of new stories on Digg. Well, now you can view a realtime auto-refreshing update of posts on ChiefDelphi. Leave the page open, and when a new posts is made, it will appear at the top of the listing. Right now you can filter by subscribed threads – I may modify it to let you choose from subscribed threads, subscribed forums, or your portal configuration.


(linked up top by CD-Media, CD-Events, etc)

(if this causes performance issues, it may need to be tweaked or removed altogether)

Interesting. I’ll see what I think of it, but I suspect I like the “last viewed here” bar on the portal.


That is really snazzy. I am not sure how much more useful it will be than watching the mail portal page (except as a procrastination tool, of course), but technically it is really neat.

Looks really good Brandon, good work.

Is there ever going to be a way to get a version of that available for team websites?

Thanks – it’s just a plugin, though. I clicked ‘install’, added the link up top, and it was done.

It’s possible, I suppose. I’ll try to whip something up one of these days. It would just read from the already available [RSS/XML feeds]( Thanks – it’s just a plugin, though. I clicked ‘install’ and it was done.) …

I wonder if there is already a web application that will “spy” on RSS feeds.

…hardly worth mentioning, but the display on CD-Spy doesn’t show the text <R28> in a post I just made – it probably figures it HTML :slight_smile:

Very cool, and slick! I’ll second Michelle’s request for release of the script :slight_smile:

I’ve taken the liberty to post this on since FIRSTr is like Digg, and CD-Spy is like Digg-Spy…ohhhh trippy. :slight_smile: The link to it is here.