CD Users Personality Test

Recently in my psych class, we were all asked to take a personality test. After reviewing my results, and being amazed at their accuracy, it got me thinking.

  1. Given the accuracy of the results, I am going to propose having my teammates take this test, with the hopes that the results would help the team be run more effectively
  2. I’m curious to see where the members of CD fall in the category.

So my challenge to you all is to take the test (it’ll take 10-15 mins max), and post/discuss your results here. Personally I was an ENTJ, or Fieldmarshal personality. Test link is below. After you “Score it”, click the link to the Keirsey personality assessment page.

The test is actually called a Myers-Briggs test.

Here’s my results:

Your Type is 
***INTJ* **
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging 
   67          50        88        78 
Your Type is  ENTJ

Extraverted	Intuitive	Thinking	Judging

    11	           62              38	           33
                                   Your Type is
Introverted	Sensing	Thinking	Judging  Strength of the preferences %
         78	            75	             38	            33
Your Type is 
Introverted	Intuitive	Thinking	Judging
Strength of the preferences %
50	38	19	78

I believe this is based on the offical test. I may be getting my personality tests mixed up, but I think you need to have certain training to score the offical one.

My type: ISTJ
Introverted: 89
Sensing: 6
Thinking: 75
Judging: 67

Your Type is
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
Strength of the preferences %
22 12 88 11

I’m an ENTP, but I don’t really think Myers-Briggs is a very good tool.

It definitely has its issues, and anyone can trick it or change their behavior and switch their personality. Never-the-less it’s still pretty interesting.

Your Type is
Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
56 1 38 33

That’s pretty spot on…

Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
Strength of the preferences %
11 50 12 67

ENTJs, represent.

I(ntroverted) 22%
S(ensing) 12%
T(hinking) 25%
J(udging) 44%


I’m the first “Feel” instead of “Think” on this thread… I’m not surprised because I’m going to be going in to Music for college next fall and engineering easily burns me out. I’ve served most of my time with my team as a leader/management, which I was better at than engineering…

Your Type is **ENFJ**

Extraverted	Intuitive	Feeling		Judging
22		25		38		1

Your Type is 
Introverted	Intuitive	Feeling	Judging
Strength of the preferences %
11	75	50	22

Could someone tell me how to read this/what it means?

I hate to say it, but Wikipedia does a great job. Look for the article on MBTI (whether or not it’s an official test, the results absolutely mimic those of Myers-Briggs Testing).

I’m an INFJ, though there’s small bits of other things…

When I was young my boss fell in love with this test and decided a certain personality type would be the only kind he would hire. It didn’t matter that I was his best tech and didn’t fit the desired profile at all, somebody at some seminar sold him on the idea.

Fat forward three years later and we ended up with a very boring group of people with no dynamic at all. Nobody was fit for leadership (except for me and another guy who was there pre-test.) The group was practically dysfunctional and took a long time to be rebuilt.

It was a interesting picture of what happens when a company relies on this kind of test too much.

Your Type is
Extraverted -33%
Sensing -12%
Thinking -62%
Judging -44%

I guess it’s fairly right…
(first thing I thought of when I saw my score: “What? I’m an Extraverted bee!?”)

Your Type is

Introverted	Sensing	        Thinking	Judging
44	        38	        75	        44

The biggest flaw i see is that your answer has to be yes or no. A lot of those answers I’m indifferent about.

That sounds like a poor application of the results. You can use the results for a hire, but it should facilitate a more diverse group, not one that is theoretically more efficient.

Also, I’m INTP. I think one time I got picked out as an INFP, but mostly I’m INTP.