CD's Photoshop Contest #2

This week’s contest.
1)Nothing explicit
2)Nothing overly violent
3)Must somehow pertain to FIRST or ChiefDelphi in a manner that can be figured out with relative ease
4)Even if it hasn’t been listed specifically, remember if you think it might possibly be violating the rules or inappropriate, ask prior to posting it. (If you choose that entry method.
5)The image must be between 400 x 400 and 1024 x 1024
6)The entry must contain a major element from the posted image
7)There are two options for entering. Either posting it to this thread, or e-mailing it to me at (I’ll accept .jpg, .gif, .png, no .psd)
8)You can use any program (even MSPAINT), entries will not necessarily be judged on quality of edits, most of the judging will be on humor/inspirational value/whatever the image represents most.

The image is this found here .

This time entries are due next Wednesday at noon eastern.

I don’t see a rule about this, and I think I know the answer, but I should ask anyway…

How many entries is one person allowed to submit per source image?

Here’s my first photoshop wonder.

Hahaha! That’s hilarious! I fold. You win.

Everybody likes picnics…except for the guest of honor!

I hope no one takes this the wrong way…

The full size is a little large, but that’s what happens when you design something to be printed…

Here’s a size-legal image for my submission, linking to a full-sized one if you want that too.](

I can fly. Im a pilot.

(EDIT: and now I have four legs too! :^)

My alternate captions was: I pay $500 to join eHarmony and THIS is the soulmate they fix me up with? Look at him, ball cap, drink in one hand… sigh

I’m noticing a trend in the edits…

The pig keeps losing it’s back legs…


I am not the creator of this contest, so don’t blame me for coming up with these things and posting them here!

By the way, I know this has nothing to do with FIRST or CD, but I don’t care!

Love it!

Well, not too good…Maybe I’ll have another spark by Wednesday. In the meantime, put your IBC Beer-Googles on and have some fun!

NOTE: The root beer picture is root beer.

(Speaking of which, according to this month’s issue of Popsci and it’s useless research article, uncorrected nearsighted people experience a judgement impedence similar to the beer-goggle effect. Fact of the day, take it with you!)

I think I’ll use the same method Billfred does. One entry, the last one you post is the one judged.

Since JVN is in it, it still counts. The FIRST/CD rule will only come into play when I choose a random picture. (Like a seacaptain or something)

here is my entry, I hope it is up to par for the reigning champ :wink: Note this is all hand colored, in phototshop after i turned it B&W
<edit> Updated, just 'cause I couldn’t resist… </edit>

Just a heads up for everyone: 15.5 hours remaining in submissions…