CD's Photoshop Contest #3

This week’s contest.
1)Nothing explicit
2)Nothing overly violent
3)Must somehow pertain to FIRST or ChiefDelphi in a manner that can be figured out with relative ease
4)Even if it hasn’t been listed specifically, remember if you think it might possibly be violating the rules or inappropriate, ask prior to posting it. (If you choose that entry method.
5)The image must be between 400 x 400 and 1024 x 1024
6)The entry must contain a major element from the posted image
7)There are two options for entering. Either posting it to this thread, or e-mailing it to me at [email protected]. (I’ll accept .jpg, .gif, .png, no .psd)
8)You can use any program (even MSPAINT), entries will not necessarily be judged on quality of edits, most of the judging will be on humor/inspirational value/whatever the image represents most.

The image is one of the most AWWWWWWWWWsome (pardon the pun) on CD an is found here .

This time entries are due next Wednesday at noon eastern.

Oh, and if you don’t think it pertains to CD…

Good one Joe. You took inspiration from the source!

Joe, you’re evil. Pure evil. Universal > Six Flags >>>> Disney in my books, and that’s with local experience :slight_smile:

ok here it is try not to make fun of it too bad its my first photoshop modding job, i uasually touch up pictues.

May I suggest that the contest be prolonged due to the fact of the Championship? And it would provide for a better begging/end day (so perhaps to Saturday/Sunday?)

Also, If you’re in the picture are you eligible to enter?

In most cases you could, but since you were aware for so long that it was coming up, you can’t. For example JVN could have entered the pig one, because he only had ~1 day forewarning. As for prolonging, I thought about it, but I think, if this doesn’t get at least 6 entries by tomorrow, I’ll kill it and move on to the next one. (Sorry, I know you’d like to see the results) Or, I might put up the other one and have both running at the same time. We’ll see.

This one will continue along with another one till next Wednesday.

Sweet! Awesome.

I wanna enter = haha but it’s understandable seeing as I knew before hand. Even tough I haven’t even attempted at anything =P

No offense to corrective dental appliance wearers…

Only a few more days, if you so desire, you can make a photoshop that uses both the photos from this and Photoshop #4 and enter it in both.

I still can’t believe I put a box of cereal on his head

Well, with so few entries, nobody wins. (Sorry) Everybody still gets +1 pts for entering though, get more people to enter in #5. (When it is posted that is)
So, the scores are

T. Hoffman 8
Aaron D. 5
Andrew Blair 4
Adam Richards 3
InfernoX14 2
dlavery 2
KenWittlief 2
The Lucas 2
Cody C. 2
Ryan Dognaux 2
Fruity Pebbles 2
looneylin 1
rvssnake 1
MissInformation 1
Alex Cormier 1
Dave Scheck 1
Ricky Q. 1
Silent Stryker 1
Joe Matt 1
Cuog 1
Fruity Pebbles 1

Results out of date, see the next page.

umm, there were 5 entries for this. and i have done more then 1, how come i only have 1pt?

Only your last one submitted is counted towards your eligibility/score.

Err… all I’m finding is your entry in #2. Anyway, when three win, 5 seems a bit small, its borderline though, maybe I’ll make six the minimum number since that makes the random chance of winning something 50%, which seems to be a good minimum. Who knows, maybe not. Maybe it won’t matter, depends on how many people enter.

Why can’t we still just do it with 5? A contest is a contest is a contest how many people participate shouldn’t matter.

I’m sort of disappointed with the decision made. Not to sure if I will be participating in the later, because if there isn’t 6 entries, then it just seems pointless. This was a good thing up until now.

Just my two cents.

Or why not merge #3 and #4, doubling the number of entries to 10 for the entire contest, giving you plenty of options to choose from?

Good idea. Give me a little bit, I think I’ll do it either in a combined results thread or two copys of the same post at the end of both with the winner getting +3 (on top of the participation points) 2nd being +2 and third being +1, with one caveat, people can’t place more than once.

im saying, i did one for this week and one for a previous week.