CD's Photoshop contest #4

This week’s contest.
1)Nothing explicit
2)Nothing overly violent
3)Must somehow pertain to FIRST or ChiefDelphi in a manner that can be figured out with relative ease
4)Even if it hasn’t been listed specifically, remember if you think it might possibly be violating the rules or inappropriate, ask prior to posting it. (If you choose that entry method.
5)The image must be between 400 x 400 and 1024 x 1024
6)The entry must contain a major element from the posted image
7)There are two options for entering. Either posting it to this thread, or e-mailing it to me at [email protected]. (I’ll accept .jpg, .gif, .png, no .psd)
8)You can use any program (even MSPAINT), entries will not necessarily be judged on quality of edits, most of the judging will be on humor/inspirational value/whatever the image represents most.

This week’s image.

Entries are due next Wednesday at noon Eastern.

I’ll give it a try.

poof balls.jpg

poof balls.jpg

Mine had a smiler theme to it by accident but they’re not for breakfast…

my first photoshop…err…GIMP (check out the hat logo) so criticism is welcomed

I made an entry for this, Combining 3 & 4, but I dont think I will post it (may be objectional to some viewers)

the last line of the caption is:

[Cleatus] Oh darn, its been scooped out! [/Cleatus]

Old skool:

ok, by popular demand:

Only a few more days, if you so desire, you can make a photoshop that uses both the photos from this and Photoshop #3 and enter it in both.

Does that mean I can enter in 3 :slight_smile: ::hope:: (with out it overriding this entry?)

Sure, as long as it uses both photos. (Since that eliminates the prior knowledge advantage)

So is there a winner?

These results are now void, sing Adam Richards’ suggestion, this is the combined results of photoshop contests #3 and #4, with the winner getting +3, the runner-up +2 and third place getting +1. That is on top of the participation points that have already been given out. (If the person entered in both they get +2 participation points, one from each) I’m not posting the winner/reigning champ pictures because I plan on making new ones this weekend. So, anyway, the winners.

1st place goes to T. Hoffman for this great one. (I wonder if he’s getting inspiration from The Far Side, there is a comic with a similar joke using a couple of crayfish in it)

2nd goes to Koko Ed for a classic Poofstache picture.

3rd goes to Fruity Pebbles, the pure randomness of fruity pebbles on Adams head gives this one a good bit of hilarity, and, oddly, I can imagine Paul saying that.

With these new additions the scores become,

T. Hoffman 12
Aaron D. 5
Fruity Pebbles 5
Andrew Blair 4
Adam Richards 3
KenWittlief 3
Koko Ed 3
InfernoX14 2
dlavery 2
The Lucas 2
Cody C. 2
Ryan Dognaux 2
Alex Cormier 2
looneylin 1
rvssnake 1
MissInformation 1
Dave Scheck 1
Ricky Q. 1
Silent Stryker 1
Joe Matt 1
Cuog 1
Bill Hancoc 1

(During the rush to score photoshop contests before team meetings, which are also on Wednesday’s Fruity Pebbles’ score got split up into two hence the sudden jump in points)