CD's Photoshop Contest #6

Time for another!
1)Nothing explicit
2)Nothing overly violent
3)Must somehow pertain to FIRST or ChiefDelphi in a manner that can be figured out with relative ease. (This rule doesn’t matter since the picture is of a ChiefDelphi user)
4)Even if it hasn’t been listed specifically, remember if you think it might possibly be violating the rules or inappropriate, ask prior to posting it. (If you choose that entry method.
5)The image can’t be any larger than 1280 x 1280
6)The entry must contain a major element from the posted image
7)There are two options for entering. Either posting it to this thread, or e-mailing it to me at lukevanoort.587<AT> (I’ll accept .jpg, .gif, .png, no .psd)
8)You can use any program (even MSPAINT), entries will not necessarily be judged on quality of edits, most of the judging will be on humor/inspirational value/whatever the image represents most.

Found here. Have at it!

When is this one going to finish?

Oh, forgot to say, this one will finish on midnight next Saturday. Some time I may switch back to the Wednesday - Wednesday schedule, but it is a bit hard to squeeze in scoring if my team has a meeting that week. There is also now a new image for the winners to put in their sig if they so desire.

Heres Mine…I remembered to save every 5 minutes this time.


That’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

I need to finish up mine…

I love this contest! :slight_smile:

One word: OUCH!

**Meanwhile, back at JPL mission control:

Mike, there it goes again, did you see that?!
See what Bill?
It was like something flew over the rover again, like a shadow!
I didnt see an
There! There it goes again, did you see it?

I cant think of anyway to connect this to FIRST, so I guess technically its not really an entry

but it was just there, waiting to be done!

The return of Dr Strangelove!

ughh its way to late, hopefully i will wake up before noon tomorrow

Hey check out my Contest entry at the link provided. I couldnt upload it, since it over the size limit. Oh well, thanks for your time. And if someone takes offense to this pic I am sorry and I shall remove it just tell me. Thanks
Contest Entry CLICK HERE<<=||
haha i love gifs

you should add a second image of the trampoline compressed (middle of jumping on it?) so it looks more natural

NO, I’m a big girl now… I’m a big girl now.

Scoring time! Winners now get to put in their sig if they so desire. So, here goes.

1st place goes to Tater Salad (Bill_Hancoc)

2nd to Rohith Surampudi

And, third goes to KenWittlief

That makes the scores

T. Hoffman 15
KenWittlief 9
Fruity Pebbles 7
Aaron D. 5
Bill Hancoc 5
Andrew Blair 4
Alex Cormier 4
Rohith Surampudi 4
Adam Richards 3
Ryan Dognaux 3
Koko Ed 3
InfernoX14 2
dlavery 2
The Lucas 2
Cody C. 2
looneylin 1
MissInformation 1
Dave Scheck 1
Ricky Q. 1
Silent Stryker 1
Joe Matt 1
Cuog 1
Clark Gilbert 1
Lil' Lavery 1
PhrozenPixel 1
Timmyd 1

Man… too bad I didn’t upload it 'till today. Oh well… maybe next time. :slight_smile:

I figured I’d let everyone else catch up this week. :wink:

Translation: Photoshoppers Block!