CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #1


Alright, here’s something to keep you un-bored.

Take this picture right here:

And come up with your best caption for it.

The rules:
-I am never ever gonna be eligible, unless I change the rule just before handing over control of the game to someone else.
-If it’s your image I pick, you’re not eligible.
-If you suggest an image and I pick it, you’re not eligible.
-Entries will be scored by me on originality, or in the absence of that, dry humor.
-First place gets ten points, second gets five, honorable mentions will be awarded at my whims.

Let’s hear 'em!


Just go with the 1979 Coke slogan -

“Have a (diet) Coke and Smile”


“Oh no! An indoor thunderstorm is coming right for me! I decided to cover up in a trash bag to shed off the rain and hold a rubber ball with 180x insulation so I wouldn’t get shocked. Luckily good samaritan with blury limbs came to pull me out of harm’s way before my Diet Coke got all watery.”


HELP! im being bagged!! :smiley:


Eeek! I just realized I never set a time limit on this.

Let’s say that entries are due by midnight Eastern on Saturday, results on Sunday.


And thus, the team was ridded of girls…


next years scoring object


“My preecccioussss…”


next year’s human player element: the fastest to drink a diet coke releases the scoring object…leaves. then robots have to put the leaves in different scoring trash cans around the field.


“Don’t do drugs.”


“Ok, well if I position the ball in a certain way, it will look like a face… Hmm… What’s that? Oh, I have to rotate it 180 degrees?? Hey… like that’s our team number… Cool…”


“We’re one ticket short, so somebody has to pretend to be luggage…”


NOBODY steals points from Oscar the Grouch!!!”


My name is I-gor, and this is my ball, Abby Normal.



Help!!! I’m being kid-napped by a friend of mine!


You should have gotten the Diet Coke without Caffine; now we will have to put her in the “room” until she calms down!


Alright, after careful consideration, here’s what I’ve got:

First place: Jeff Wagelin. But only after I looked at the picture again.
Second place: Lil’ Lavery.1. Good thing it was SPAM, not the Firebirds.
Honorable Mentions: None, only because the honorable mentions would be everyone else.



Woohoo! Go me! I just glanced at the picture, and that was the first thought that came to mind. Took me all of 5 seconds or so to reply :stuck_out_tongue: