CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #10

Woohoo! Number ten! After all of those bad jokes, here are the scores:

greencactus3: 38
 Jeff Wagelin: 24
 Michelle 236: 22
 MissInformation: 22
 Mike Ciance: 17
 "Big Mike": 15
 dlavery: 15
 Gary Dillard: 14
 Brandon Martus: 13
 Elgin Clock: 13
 EddieMcD: 12
 Lil' Lavery: 11
 Greg Needel: 11
 Andy Baker: 9
 Tom Schindler: 8
 Astronouth7303: 8
 Jay H 237: 8
 Vivelation: 7
 JVN: 6
 DCA Fan: 5
 Shyra1353: 5
 Amanda Morrison: 4
 Corey Balint: 4
 George1083: 4
 Ken Patton: 4
 ZACH P.: 4
 Aignam: 3
 Andrew Rudolph: 3
 Ben Lauer: 3
 David Kelly: 3
 Dorienne Plait: 3
 Matt Attallah: 3
 RogerR: 3
 T. Hoffman: 3
 BCahn836: 3
 ECarlson: 2
 Jessica Boucher: 2
 Joe Ross: 2
 Meli W: 2
 Aaron Lussier: 1
 Coco The Monkey: 1
 Collin Fultz: 1
 ElfMaster: 1
 GateRunner: 1
 JosephM: 1
 Katie Reynolds: 1
 sanddrag: 1

In honor of a certain someone’s birthday, here’s the pic:

As always, the deadline is 9:00 PM on Wednesday. Get going!

“Ooooh so thaaat’s how you annoy Billfred…I seee…So all you have to do is kiss him? Okay then!”

Sorry Billfred, had to do it. =D

“If I set my face in this silly expression, you think I’ll get any less white sometime???”


I feel loved.

  • Genia

“… never could quite get the hang of whistling. Hrmpf.”

“Go ahead punk; make my day!”

Just like mom always said if u make that face long enough it will get stuck like that.

“$%^&)% invisible walls!”

NO! Get a close shot! I wanna see UP her nose!

How long do I have to stand here before the bus comes?

“Is the food still on my face?”

WELLL GOLLLY!!! I’m one of them there robot buiderers

“I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner… that is what I truly want to be.”


Andy B.

whistles long solo from Guns 'N Roses

"at this years wrap dinner students will get the oppertunity to fight mike tyson with his new invisiblity cloak. Just look how Eugenia faired…who’s next? "

No thanks, I have a ride. My robot nerd friends will be here shortly to pick me up in their '89 Taurus. But that is a nice Corvette you have.

Ohhhh! That’s wicked awesome!!!

(to get the full effect of this one, you have to say it very loudly while mimicing the Bostonian teen character ‘Denise’ played by Rachel Dracht on SNL)


“Knowing she was going to be the subject of Billfred’s latest caption contest, Genia decides to postpone her birthday indefinitely.”

:frowning: You stole mine. I was going to put “Oooh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner…”

“Andy Baker is my second god!” haha I think this is scary yet funny. :]


WAIT A MINUTE??? is that guy in the background FLOATING!?
…must be dreaming of driving away with that cool minivan over there called the ODYSSEY…ooooohhhh… ahhhhhh…drool

(sorry Genia, couldnt quite think of anything soo funny even though your kinda centered and also big in the photo. not to mention a very hard to describe kinduv expression on your face :smiley: )