CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #1001

It’s Tuesday (if only in my dreams). You know what that means.

The scores after the last round:

wgorgen 54
LuiTheFly 52
GaryVoshol 44
gellnick 40
cgmv123 36
Leap 30
EricH 29
Wayne Doenges 26
GeeTwo 9
Owen_Busler 8
kingc95 4
Andy Baker 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

(And as they say on Taskmaster, keep it light.)

As usual, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern time.


Zebras at the water hole which is 1001’s pit.

David Attenborough (voiceover): “Out here on the open midwestern plains, a lone zebra would be vulnerable prey for the wily Hacksaw Hyena. But, when gathered together into the herd, the zebras stripes confuses the Hyena, making it impossible for the predator to pick out a single member of the herd to attack and confounding the hunter’s depth perception. Thanks to this fortuitous gift of natural adaptation, the zebra population has survived and thrived for thousands of years in these harsh open lands.”

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Aren’t you glad that referees don’t have to be robot inspectors too?

“If you want to imitate a referee, you’ll need to BE a referee. Come with us, and learn the true ways.”

Are referee shirts white stripes on black or black stripes on white?
No one will ever know.

Like Lemmings, referees without a head ref will follow a lone ref anywhere he goes. Unfortunately a volunteer ref wanted to see how his team was doing.

[NAE] PSA: Apparently, in 2007, Team 1001 was named the “Raging Referees”. Use that information however you want. [/NAE]

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[NAE] As I recall it was actually “Rampaging”. And they were pretty unhappy about the events depicted in the picture, which I may or may not have referenced in my entry. Remind me to give the short version after the contest.[/NAE]

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There’s no rule that says your team uniform can’t, to a reasonably astute observer, mimic that of a referee.

To avoid penalties as best as possible you need to think like a ref, and to think like a ref you need to BE the ref

Let’s get judgy!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

wgorgen 56
LuiTheFly 54
GaryVoshol 46
gellnick 45
EricH 39
cgmv123 38
Leap 30
Wayne Doenges 29
GeeTwo 11
Owen_Busler 8
kingc95 4
Andy Baker 2


[Obviously NOT an entry] The rest of the story, at least the cleaned-up version, as best I can recall it:

There was some sort of “this is the end” sort of mentality on 1001 (though the team did continue on for a couple years after this). They decided to have some fun for one last round by theming their team as referees (apparently no love lost for the refs for some reason). Striped shirts, bean bags (FRC refs weren’t using flags-on-sticks yet), etc. Of course, this caused some confusion, for the obvious reasons. So, on Day 2 (or 3), the referees, including the Head Ref (this was before HRs wore yellow) paid the team a visit to politely say “sorry, guys, you need to stop, you are confusing everyone”. The team, from the thread that originally went with that picture, was rather upset that their fun was being ruined. (And as I recall, they were quite vocal on CD about the spoilsport referees.)

I don’t recall hearing about what was used to convince the team to not use the stripes/beanbags anymore, but they did eventually see “reason” and change to something else. Which would explain why they used a different name afterwards. (And, explains why I chose the caption I chose.)

If someone were to do something similar these days, I would probably expect H201, general egregious behavior, and/or E102, uncivil behavior, to be applied after a warning–failure to refuse a reasonable request to allow the event to keep running smoothly, that sort of thing. H201 does give the bumblebees wide latitude if they need it, and this would run right into that latitude.

Sorry, @wgorgen , you set that one up too perfectly.

I was curious as to what it could be that the refs wanted them to take off (per the caption of the thread that Billfred sourced his picture from), so I pulled up some match videos from the 2007 Buckeye Regional. The Game announcer referred to the team as the “Raging Referees”. So that was my source for the team name that was being used at that regional. The game announcer for CMP only ever referred to them by their number (either “one thousand one” or “ten oh one”), so I did not have a source for whether their team name had changed. If it was actually “Rampaging Referees”, the game announcers never used that.

I had assumed that what they were being asked to take off was something mounted on the robot that, while legal, was somehow a problem. I could not find anything unusual about the robot. So, that was still a bit of mystery until you provided the full explanation. Now it all makes sense.

Thanks for the history.