CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #108

Now back in the Palmetto State!

Here’s the scores:

MissInformation	17
Jay H 237	14
Rohith Surampudi	10
Nehalita	8
KathieK	7
GaryV1188	6
Boiler	6
Jane	6
Joe Matt	6
Cody C	5
EddieMcD	5
Jgjedi10	5
Lukevanoort	5
Rich Wong	5
Skimoose	5
T. Hoffman	5
Andrew Blair	4
Koko Ed	4
Rick Tyler	4
Steve W	4
Cuog	4
Dorienne 007	4
Dylan	4
InfernoX14	4
Kyle A	4
Michelle Celio	4
Al Skierkiewicz	3
EricS-Team180	3
Greg Needel	3
Hiteak	3
Mocat1530	3
Goober!!!	3
Wayne Doenges	3
Budda648	2
Matt Krass	2
Mercury Rising	2
Alex Cormier	2
Bcahn836	2
1derboy	1
Arefin Bari	1
Elgin Clock	1
Freddy Schurr	1
Miketwalker	1
Team1591	1
Xzvrw2	1

And, since I’m back in the Palmetto State, I just had to look for things tagged Palmetto Regional in CD-Media, resulting in the following:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight EDT, unless you get lucky and get one in before I judge it.


1293’s robot, grasping a foolish team member in a choke hold for failing to cover up the speed controllers before drilling holes into the frame above, shows off the ruthless autonomous coding skills its programmer will one day parlay into a meteoric yet tragically short-lived career at Cyberdyne Systems Corporation.

Duh duh, duh, duh duh.

I’ll only let you drive the robot when you’re old enough to see over it or when you decide to stand on top of the MSC catalog!

Wow. Billfred, you’ve actually found a picture in which I can’t find anything funny about it! I’ve searched the focus, the background, the foreground, the underground… but there actually is no decently snide, sarcastic, witty, or otherwise funny comment to be made…

I’m appalled and shaken… Touche’ digne adversaire…Touche’…

(By the way, to the French students, that was Babelfish…So blame Altavista, not me!)

The lesson today ladies and gentlemen, covers defense and determination as we see cleverly illustrated by Team 1293. What could have been a Bob Dylan ballad of endless struggle slowly turned into one heck of a Kool and the Gang, ‘Celebration’. Wah-ho!

As team 1293 demonstrates…maybe safety glasses just aren’t enough anymore.

“Would you stop throwing poof balls at me?! We didn’t build this thing to be used as a shield!”

person whos face we see:“I think we’re over the hight limit, isnt this supposed to be shorter than me?”
other person there:“No we actually have 3 inches to spare”

Bilfred that was a really boring picture, just made it that much harder

I promise to pick your robot first in the next Fantasy FIRST draft! Call him off! CALL HIM OFF!

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t know your robot had a security alarm! Lemme go!”

Over heard at the noisy Palmetto Regional queuing line:

Short Kid, “ Ki…kil… kil… (wheezing).”
Tall kid,” I think he said to keep increasing the pressure on that there robotic arm.”

Short kid, “ Shu… shu… shu… (gasping for air).”
Tall kid,” I think he said try shooting the balls now.”

Short kid, “Sto… sto… sto… air… air (choking).”
Tall kid, “I think he said the air in the compressor stop again. What does it mean when he turns blue?”

Guy in front: Heeey, be nice. Gracious Professionalism, remember?
GBR: I am, I was making sure no one would get run over by our rockin’ robot.
GIF: Do it more nicely next time, please.
GBR: Yes, sir.
GIF: Thank you.
GBR: moves robot up just enough to catch the GIF’s heel
GBR: Oh, sorry. Someone pushed me from behind. snicker

In order to prevent some robot attacks, some team members have an eye on the back of their shirt to scare off the robot.

It’s the 2007 game hint. The scoring pieces will be the human players as demonstrated here. :ahh:

Guy in front of robot: Help! The robot’s trying to “Chomp” me!

Person behind robot: Hey, Chomp says he wants his own t-shirt!
Person in front of robot: Tell him that when he stops biting his numbers off before every match, we’ll get him a t-shirt.

With all of their precision cut metal, team 1293 still finds time to tip their hats to the simpler days of FIRST robotics by displaying their team number on a sheet of loose-leaf paper.

Guy in front “I can take it I tell you”
Guy at back " Are you sure that you are man enough?"
Guy at front " Let 'er rip. Speed it up as fast as you can."
Guy in back " We can shoot at 36 feet per second"
Guy in front " I am a man, I CAN take it, drop in three balls and let them fly. I have a body of steel."

Aftermath - Poor boy never knew what hit him. Now sings soprano for the Chomp ensemble.

Dude in front: Hey, can I borrow those pimp tinted safety glasses?
Dude in back: Uhh, why?
Dude in front: There’s this bald guy behind you, I can’t see a darn thing.
Dude in back: Sure, I know how you feel, I interned at IFI last summer.

<Note an entry> Unfortunately, given my family history, I’ll probably join JVN in the head reflectivity department soon </not an entry>

Okay, so the tetras go up here, and then you …(looks around)… wait … uh … oh, crap.