CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #11

Alright, alright, so I posted this at 1:30 AM. Surely nobody waits for these things…anyway, the scores:

greencactus3: 39
Jeff Wagelin: 24
MissInformation: 24
Michelle 236: 22
Mike Ciance: 17
"Big Mike": 16
dlavery: 16
Gary Dillard: 16
Brandon Martus: 15
DCA Fan: 15
EddieMcD: 14
Elgin Clock: 13
Greg Needel: 12
Lil' Lavery: 11
Andy Baker: 11
Amanda Morrison: 9
Jay H 237: 9
Tom Schindler: 8
Astronouth7303: 8
Vivelation: 7
Dorienne Plait: 6
JVN: 6
Aignam: 5
Shyra1353: 5
T. Hoffman: 5
BCahn836: 4
Corey Balint: 4
George1083: 4
Ken Patton: 4
ZACH P.: 4
Andrew Rudolph: 3
Ben Lauer: 3
David Kelly: 3
JosephM: 3
Matt Attallah: 3
RogerR: 3
ECarlson: 2
Eugenia Gabrielov: 2
GateRunner: 2
Jessica Boucher: 2
Joe Ross: 2
Meli W: 2
Aaron Lussier: 1
Coco The Monkey: 1
Collin Fultz: 1
ElfMaster: 1
Kyle45: 1
Katie Reynolds: 1
sanddrag: 1

And now, for the picture…


Remember, kids–9:00 PM Wednesday. No extensions (barring the proverbial hell or high water)

His real name is Bob… As in Shish-Ka-Bob… :rolleyes:

The freshmen revolted. :ahh:

After running out of balls to throw in the goal, the freshmen was automatically elected to play the important role of the 5 pts ball.

No no no, bad robot, you were only supposed to put the big Orange ball in the goal.

Having no money left over for a rug on thier practice field, one of the freshmen decided to “take one for the team” and protect the balls from popping on the rough plywood.

“No no no! Not George! ORANGE! Get the ORANGE ones in there!! pulls out hair in frustration

Due to the huge factor of weight (and being sick of the ‘speed’ holes), the robot finally snaps and takes a student hostage…

“i’ve got big balls” – ac/dc

No young freshman, don’t fight it. Your time has come.

ive got more balls than you! mwahahahaha :smiley:

“no freshmen were harmed during the making of this robot”

Moral of the story: Never be the first to fall asleep while they’re building the playing field.

…paul never was very good at playing hide and seek…

Based on the definitions of the words “SCORED” and “SUPPORTED” the freshman does NOT count for 5 points, as his foot is clearly touching outside the PVC. Were his foot elevated, he would count for 2-freshman based on the definition of “CAPPING”. Refer to Section 4.3.1 of the FRC-2004 manual for any/all clarifications.

Paul never quite understood the game of 9-ball…

“I’ve fallen… and I can’t get up!”

Knowing that the time had come for FIRST to choose Nationals Qualifiers, the team chose to sacrifice a freshman in hopes of gaining some ground in the running. Who needs 'em anyway…?

I guess the freshmen had to learn the hard way, never turn your back on a robot.

In a late night before ship date, Paul fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself trapped in a goal and the robot beside him…flashing red…