CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #110

-“What? No, we tested… that’s a poof ball too. It’s squishable, compressible, and fits in easily.”
-"…but it has safety glasses on. What poof ball wears safety glasses?!"
-“Oh, now poof balls can’t EVEN wear safety glasses? Look at it. Safety glasses or not, it belongs. You know it.”

Her psychiatrist said total immersion was the only way to treat her acute phobia to poof balls…I think it’s working - look at the smile - no wait! I think she’s cracking!

Ref: Hey, you guys know the rules! Only one human player allowed, and if you try to sneak another one in again I’ll disqualify you!

Every year a handful of kids get stuck in crane machines.

I guess the teenagers wanted their shot at it (just on a slightly larger scale)…

Girl: Ugh, why did I listen to that kid when he told me he lost his operator’s badge?! Now I’m stuck here. Can someone help me here? Please? Kid, come oooooon! YOU NEED MEEEEEEE!!!

(Man I am not funny.)

Kid in box-like goal: “Why couldn’t the Billfred Effect happen this week?!?”

Box Ghost: “BEWARE!”

Could be one of two problems:

  1. Star Wars flashback… R2 turn off the poof ball compactors on the red alliance NOW! :ahh:

  2. Old School Star Trek flashback… Where did all these tribles come from! :smiley:

Head Ref - “what are you doing?”
girl - “i’m making sure i can see all of them and get the correct number”

[not an entry]This one will be short and sweet [/not an entry]



…after a wildly successful “dumper demo”, the F.I.R.S.T. game committee was, initially, enthusiastic about the additional MARS’s game piece. It was, however, dropped after a rather “scary” shooter episode…

evil grin one extra point during autonomous… evil grin

Come on in, the poof balls are great!

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Hmm, maybe if I gnaw on these poofballs …

After working all night to assemble the modified Mission Mayhem field inside, Mary need a nap to recharge herself. But where can she find a cozy, cushiony, comfortable and dry bed in this place?

You can stop dumping the balls now, you’ve already buried the scoring system.

Many at the IRI talent show were trying to come up with brilliant ideas and the like. However, this girl was the only person who manage to create something good in time. Afterwards many were hitting their heads wishing they had thought of using the poofs as sound dampening.

In Russia the Poof Ball throws you.

Hee, hee, this is a perfect hiding place for our team’s annual Hide and Go Seek game. They’ll never see me in here!

“Damaged equipment only”
“All others will be damaged”

Hey, it’s still Sunday! (Pardon the late posting; it’s move-in weekend here at USC, and I’ve been working like a crazy person.)

First place goes to:

Dave, are you taking notes here? Couches make for good goals on the field. :wink:

Second place goes to:

…and it was the most reliable scoring system you can find!

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Koko Ed
  2. Cody C
  3. InfernoX14
  4. Jane
  5. KarenH
  6. MissInformation
  7. Andrew Blair
  8. LordTalps
  9. lukevanoort
  10. Wayne Doenges
  11. boiler
  12. nehalita
  13. Michelle Celio
  14. Cuog
  15. thegathering (1885)
  16. EricS-Team180
  17. skimoose
  18. Al Skierkiewicz

And the burn award…

(Actually, my big contribution was pelting mercilessly anyone who “graciously accepted.”)

Which means the (edit: corrected) scores are…

MissInformation	23
Steve W	20
Boiler	20
Jay H 237	19
Rich Wong	17
Lukevanoort	15
Nehalita	12
EddieMcD	11
Rohith Surampudi	10
KathieK	10
Jane	10
InfernoX14	10
GaryV1188	9
Al Skierkiewicz	9
Cody C	9
Koko Ed	9
Wayne Doenges	9
Hiteak	8
Skimoose	8
T. Hoffman	8
Cuog	8
Dorienne	8
Dylan	8
Jgjedi10	8
Michelle Celio	8
EricS-Team180	7
Kyle A	7
Mocat1530	7
Andrew Blair	6
Joe Matt	6
Dhoizner	5
Goober!!!	5
Arefin Bari	4
Rick Tyler	4
Greg Needel	3
Alex Cormier	3
Budda648	2
Dave Scheck	2
KarenH	2
LordTalps	2
Matt Krass	2
Mercury Rising	2
Thegathering	2
Bcahn836	2
Freddy Schurr	2
1derboy	1
Adam Richards	1
anna~marie	1
Conor Ryan	1
Danielle H	1
Elgin Clock	1
Lil' Lavery	1
Miketwalker	1
Team1591	1
Worldbringer	1
Xzvrw2	1