CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #112

Gotta make this fast–hall meeting in four minutes.

Here’s the scores:

Rich Wong	27
MissInformation	25
Boiler	22
Steve W	20
Jay H 237	20
Lukevanoort	16
EddieMcD	13
Nehalita	12
Jane	12
KathieK	11
Al Skierkiewicz	11
Cody C	11
T. Hoffman	-infinity
Wayne Doenges	11
InfernoX14	11
Rohith Surampudi	10
GaryV1188	10
Hiteak	10
Koko Ed	10
EricS-Team180	9
Skimoose	9
Cuog	9
Jgjedi10	9
Michelle Celio	9
Andrew Blair	8
Dorienne	8
Dylan	8
Kyle A	8
Mocat1530	8
Dhoizner	6
Arefin Bari	6
Joe Matt	6
Goober!!!	6
Andy Baker	5
Rick Tyler	4
anna~marie	3
Conor Ryan	3
Greg Needel	3
Thegathering	3
Alex Cormier	3
“Big Mike”	2
Artdutra04	2
Budda648	2
Dave Scheck	2
KarenH	2
KelliV	2
LordTalps	2
Matt Krass	2
Mercury Rising	2
Bcahn836	2
Freddy Schurr	2
1derboy	1
Adam Richards	1
Astronouth7303	1
Danielle H	1
Elgin Clock	1
Lil' Lavery	1
Miketwalker	1
Team1591	1
Worldbringer	1
Xzvrw2	1

And the picture:

Deadline is Saturday at midnight EDT, unless you’re lucky.


GUY: So I you know what Lavery has planned for the new season. Care to let me in on the big secret?
BIRD: Dead men tell no tales!

Bird: So where is all the Red herrings I keep hearing about? I’m hungry.

Guy: Thats just a figure of Speech. Though you should still check with Dave, he may give you a Krispy Kreme doughnut

OK - you promised that if I taught you Hakuna Matata you would share your coffee, no worries.

Parrot: Polly want a cracker! Polly want a cracker!
Guy: Aww…how cute, you talk!
Parrot: bites down on guy’s nose
Guy: AAAGH! Not what I had in mind!!!

New FRC rules for 2007 will permit birds as Robot Operators, provided they speak English.

Cockatoo: “Is that decaf?”
Guy: “Yes it is.”
Cockatoo: “If you give me a sip I will tell you a dark secret about Dave Lavery.”
Cockatoo: slurp slurp
Guy: “OK, what is the dark secret?”
Cockatoo: “Dave’s other car isn’t on Mars, it’s in a back lot at Paramount studios.”
Guy: (sarcasm) “OH, and how would you know?”
Cockatoo: “A little birdie told me.”

“Hey there, buuuuuddy! My name’s Al! What’s yours?!”

(Al is not his name, actually, it might be. I have no idea)

And for anotherround of Mentors vs. Animals…

::2 Days Later::
Guy to team: a little birdy told me the game would have to do with jello…

Eric: You should join FIRST because then you will get to make fun of Gary. =)

Parrot: And if you ask me to spell a word one more time, you will be bitten. Could you PLEASE stop looking at me like that? I am not a two-year old! Highly respected in my niche.
Guy: You know what a niche is, right?
Parrot: Yes.
Guy: Well aren’t you just the cutest little boogy woogy woo? Why, yes you are!
Parrot: What did I say? WHAT did I say?

ERIC: Let’s all go nuts.
BIRD: Robots! Robots! ::SQUAWK::

Bird: Hey there, whats new with you?
Guy: Holy crap! You can talk?!

Man: Did you learn anything from Dave?

Bird: Got any grapes in there? All the GDC had was Jello and bunny pellets. :ahh:

“Squack, Polly Want your coffee, Squack”

Eric, to a local: “I love it here in Polly-nesia, but your coffee tastes fowl.”


Eric: [singing] “Yo ho ho and mug of joe, it’s a pirates life for me!”

Bird: “What? [Squawk!] Nobody told Polly this was the G-Rated version of Pirates of the Caribbean! Where’s Jack? [Squawk!]”

Polly:“If u hadn’t dropped the robot on me i wouldn’t of had to make u take me on a vacation to feed me freshly ground coffee!!!”

Cockatoo: UH, Why does your shirt say AndyMark??? And what is AndyMark??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: