CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #124

Also with the quickness.

Scores are here

MissInformation	52
Rich Wong	49
Steve W	49
Al Skierkiewicz	42
Boiler	41
EddieMcD	39
Wayne Doenges	37
Koko Ed	36
Mocat1530	34
T. Hoffman	34
Jane	32
Lukevanoort	32
Jay H 237	31
Hiteak	27
Skimoose	27
InfernoX14	26
Cody C	25
KathieK	25
Cuog	24
GaryV1188	24
Andrew Blair	23
Andy Baker	23
Dave Scheck	23
Greg Needel	22
KenWittlief	21
Dlavery	20
EricS-Team180	20
Rich Kressly	20
Goober!!!	17
Jgjedi10	17
Joe Matt	17
KelliV	17
Kyle A	16
Michelle Celio	16
Dorienne	15
“Big Mike”	15
Arefin Bari	14
Nehalita	12
Rohith Surampudi	11
Dylan	10
Artdutra04	9
Lil' Lavery	9
Schnabel	9
Thegathering	8
Alex Cormier	7
anna~marie	7
Dhoizner	6
Elgin Clock	6
Ewankoff	5
Tytus Gerrish	5
Conor Ryan	4
KarenH	4
Killerofkiller	4
Raymaniac	4
Rick Tyler	4
1derboy	3
Bcahn836	3
Tkwetzel	3
Astronouth7303	2
Budda648	2
Calhounian	2
Danielle H	2
Freddy Schurr	2
Graduns340	2
Icurtis	2
Imajie	2
Jessica Boucher	2
LordTalps	2
Matt Krass	2
Mercury Rising	2
Adam Richards	1
AtalanteStar25	1
Brandon Martus	1
Daisy	1
huff_dragon	1
Miketwalker	1
Ogre	1
Team1591	1
tony.dalia.195	1
Worldbringer	1
Xzvrw2	1
taylort	1
Beth Sweet	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight EST, unless you’re lucky.



shoveling in ice cream
“Ahh! I just can’t get over my ice cream addiction… NO! Don’t look at me! I don’t want anyone to see me this way.”


Shortly after this incident Epsilon Delta, in an effort to aid Dave Lavery’s public image, decided to forgo introducing him to things such as a ‘barber’ and hire an expert in another ancient art, known as pickjitsu, also referred to as nose-fu.

Girl in Pink, thinking…“why is she doing that? It wasn’t ME! She thinks it was ME! Doesn’t she know, the first one who smelled it, dealt it???”

I hate, hate, hate spitting spiders.
They think they are so cool. First it ate the oreos and ice cream til it got all gooey, then it opened its mouth and showed me, then it spit it at me.

geesh - this must be a boy spider. ewwww.

Omnipresent Unreal Tournament Announcer: “HEADSHOT!”

Spider, " Excused me Missy, I believe they accidentally gave you my dish.

That’s my special, vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered beetles and ant lavas."

Girl: “Take my ice cream! I can’t possibly stand up to a stink beetle! Just take it before I pass ou…”

Girl Thinking “Just turn away and its batteries will die…eventually.”

Luckily, the girl was sitting in an iBot and was able to use its oft-forgotten bugswatter feature.

Team 116 Epsilon Delta soon realized much to their chagrin that trying to spread the word of first using an acid spewing robot was not the best idea they ever had…


RobotSpider: LIES, TELL ME NOW!

Girl: I SWEAR,

RobotSpider: you watch, if you thought snakes on a plane is scary, wait until its SPIDERS ON A BUS, GET TO SCHOOL LIKE THAT! TELL ME NOW! I KNOW YOU KNOW!

I thought Oreos were supposed to prevent ‘head freeze’! I guess I will just have to keep trying, maybe Windmill cookies?!?

I don’t care what you say. A stink bug is not a pet to be allowed at the table.

Dear God Mr. Lavery. We were just joking when we asked what was under the kilt!! (reference)

I was just kidding when I said guys have cooties - but I guess it’s true!

Girl in Pink: I told you not to stick that Oreo up your nose! :ahh:

Megan, the youngest of the Lavery clan, proved to be the wisest as well… by covering her face whenever she saw my camera she avoided the dreaded photoshoppage of Laverys.