CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #128


Here’s the scores:

Name    Total
Rich Wong    65
MissInformation    59
Wayne Doenges    58
Steve W    56
Boiler    51
Jane    48
EddieMcD    47
Al Skierkiewicz    46
Koko Ed    43
Mocat1530    43
Lukevanoort    40
Skimoose    34
T. Hoffman    34
Hiteak    33
Jay H 237    33
GaryV1188    32
InfernoX14    31
KathieK    31
Cuog    30
Cody C    29
Dave Scheck    27
Andrew Blair    25
Andy Baker    25
Dlavery    25
EricS-Team180    24
Greg Needel    23
Rich Kressly    22
Goober!!!    21
KenWittlief    21
KelliV    19
“Big Mike”    18
Gary Dillard    17
Jgjedi10    17
Joe Matt    17
Michelle Celio    17
Kyle A    16
Dorienne    15
Arefin Bari    14
Schnabel    14
Rohith Surampudi    13
Nehalita    12
Thegathering    11
Dylan    10
Artdutra04    9
Lil' Lavery    9
Elgin Clock    8
Alex Cormier    7
anna~marie    7
Raymaniac    7
Dhoizner    6
Ewankoff    5
Icurtis    5
Imajie    5
Killerofkiller    5
taylort    5
Tytus Gerrish    5
BlondeNerd    4
Conor Ryan    4
EricH    4
KarenH    4
Rick Tyler    4
1derboy    3
Bcahn836    3
Danielle H    3
efoote868    3
EricRobodox    3
Eric W. Jones    3
Tkwetzel    3
Astronouth7303    2
Budda648    2
Calhounian    2
Freddy Schurr    2
Graduns340    2
Jessica Boucher    2
LordTalps    2
Matt Krass    2
Mercury Rising    2
Ogre    2
robotcanuck1676    2
Adam Richards    1
Alex Burman    1
AndyB    1
AtalanteStar25    1
Beth Sweet    1
Brandon Martus    1
Daisy    1
huff_dragon    1
Miketwalker    1
Team1591    1
tony.dalia.195    1
Worldbringer    1
Xzvrw2    1

Here’s the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight EST, unless you’re feeling lucky.


Girl: Why does it say Andy Baker under the teams column?!? How did Hatch manage a software bug so big it replaces a team number with a character string?!?! :rolleyes:

[Not an entry]Here’s to working fields during week 1! :] [/Not an entry]

Him: “No, no, no. I am telling you that you have the OLD version of the competition agenda. This is the most recent version right here. See, it goes like this:
7:30 - pits open
8:30 - opening ceremonies
9:00 - guest speaker
9:08 - Billfred gets hit by re-entering satellite for sticking Dave in yet another caption contest”

Her: “OK, fine. So it is on the schedule. But I still say that you have to clean it up.”


“Okay, at 11:30, we’ve got the Chicken Dance; at 11:35, the YMCA; 11:40 is the Macarena; 11:45 is the Hokey Pokey; 11:50 we’ll play the Electric Slide, and 11:55 is Cotton Eye Joe, but everybody will probably have left by then. Then it’s just you, me, and the robots. Excellent.”

Him : “It says here we need 12 dozen KK’s, 11 Lavery impersonators, 10 Baker look-alikes, 9 Billfred body guards (to protect him from Dave), 8 Andy-Mark omni wheels, 7 Freshman helpers, 6 FIRST trannies, 5 Golden Chippies, 4 boxes of spare parts, 3 field judges, 2 pit announcers and a Segway for Dean Kamen.”
Her: “We can get most of that stuff except the body guards. No on wants to volunter to go against Dave.”
Him: “OK we can scratch the body guards. Billfred will have to fend for himself or hide all weekend.”

[Not an entry] Happy Holidays All [Not an entry]

See, it says ‘loves me’.

No, it says, ‘loves me not’.

Look, right here - ‘loves me’

Well, this says - ‘loves me not’.
Wait is that a crumb? Like a donut crumb?

(the competition is stemmed temporarily due to mysterious doodling on the queuing schedule)

Oop-se-daisy -we thought we had Dave planted securely at the Vex table. That’ll teach us never to leave the schedule for a second - this is growing into quite an experience.

Team member in the back - I wouldn’t miss being a Daisy for a second, except for maybe this one -

Guy - I think you’re right. We should probably pick them first
Girl - All right. Sounds good. After that we can pick…oh man, what’s that smell did you just…
Guy - Ewww no way, that’s just vile…
Girl - I can’t believe you just…
Guy - I did not!
Girl - Like I really believe that…you’re disgusting
Guy - I’m telling you…


Girl with camera - Gotcha

At the North Pole the FIRST Elves are working really hard to fill all good FIRST leader’s Holiday requests:

Elf Dude: Dean Kamen- 52 pairs of stone washed blue jeans and 52 pairs of denim shirts; hold the starch. The same items as last year.
Gal Elf: Checked. No problem- he was good all year!

Elf Dude: Andy Baker-25,000 lbs of 1/8” aluminum angles and rods, 4,000 CIM motors, 40,000 feet of high traction rubber, and 30,000 molded plastic disk for omni-wheels.
Gal Elf: Checked. No problem- he was good all year!

Elf Dude: Dave Lavery- A “Krispy Kreme Donut of the Week” weekly box with the following items, Original Glazed, Maple Iced, Glazed Cinnamon, Glazed Cruller, Glazed Blueberry Cake, Glazed Sour Cream, Glazed Devil’s Food Cake, Chocolate Iced Glazed, Chocolate Iced Cruller, Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles, Chocolate Iced custard Filled, Cinnamon Apple Filled, Glazed Crème Filled Powdered Strawberry Filled, Glazed Raspberry filled.
NO Glazed Lemon Filled; he does not like lemon.

Gal Elf: Hmmmm…… I don’t know… he did drop that satellite on Bill.
We’ll have to ask Santa about this order.

Wow… that’s exactly what I was going to say.

sigh I guess I’ll have to come up with something else

[this is the real entry, folks]
Girl: “How did that happen?”
Guy: “I don’t know, but I hope our hands aren’t stuck together for too long, I really have to go to the bathroom”
(look at their hands pointing to the clipboards, it looks like they are fused together)
[/this is the real entry, folks]

Guy: See, Dave only ordered 1500 Krispy Kremes for today’ compitition.
Girl: I guess you’re right, he really is trying to cut back.
Dave (not in picture): No, I just can’t eat as many while i’m seeking revenge on Billfred.
Guy and Girl: Oh, that makes more sense.
Billfred (also not in picture)(thinking, while sneaking away from Dave): Maybe if I carry some Dunkin Doughnuts he’ll stay away from me.

Guy: Yawn

Girl: What did you eat for lunch! Eew!

Girl: Wait, what on Earth? This, this, this is the crappiest scouting I’ve ever seen!
Guy: Hey, I think it’s pretty good, I’ve been working on this all day long, then you just waltz up outa nowhere and say it’s crap.
Girl: But it is! It is completely useless! Whats this, “Team 1337: Rejection, should not pick” line mean? That tells me nothing!
Guy: But it…
Girl: No buts! You’re fired, I’m not picking Team 13 because, according to this sheet, “Hot Chix0r in their pit smiled at me”!

Guy: I’m telling you, I found this on Dave’s desk, it has to be a game clue
Girl: No way. There is NO way we can have a banana jello field this year…
Girl with camera: They will never know that its a fake [evil laugh]

This is how you keep CDers amused–take a picture of two team members with match lists and see if someone can make fun of Dave and his “clues.”

[not part of entry]Yes, that is my entry.[/not part of entry]

<side note> if you look in the background, it looks like a guy has a light saber </side note>

Guy: So, we’re paired up with 71 and 133, sweet!
Girl: darn it! we’re playing against the Siths!!! Its so unfair that they’re able to use the force to deflect balls. There should be a rule or something against it.

“You’re handwriting is horrible is that a ‘t’ or a ‘0’?”

Guy: All I see is a 5

Girl: I don’t get it. How did we get this anyways?

Guy: It was left around some KK In the parking lot

Girl: I’m scared. Only an mastermind could have thought of something this tormenting.

Boy:What do you mean that’s the clue… is Dave nuts or something…
Girl: No he just got bored with the lack of his face in the caption contest this week and decided he needed to amuse himself in other ways.

gal: What’s this auto mode 3, on page 1? …repeatedly bang head into operator’s station until you see the “colors of the rainbow”…?

guy: …ummmm guess we’re pushing the programming team a tad too hard…

gal: …I’ll stop the Mountain Dew drip, you take away the skittles

Girl: How does Dave Lavery + 5 = this? Did I miss something? :yikes: