CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #128

Who are our alliance partners and why aren’t they out here yet? Do you know anyone on teams 23 and 64? Where are their pits?

Ugh… we could be in trouble.

“What did you get for Number 4?”
“I got ‘C’, what did you get for Number 11? That one really stumped me.”
“I put ‘B’ but I wasn’t sure.”
“I can’t believe they expected us to take our SAT’s with all this chaos!”
"Me neither, but they said something about finding out how we do in ‘real world’ conditions. "
“First an essay, and now this. What will the College Board think of next?”

“What’s this line in the robot inspection sheet mean? ‘Do you have any dangerous or disallowed materials on your robot?’ Didn’t our electrical team say something about a ‘flux capacitor’? Is that legal? And what about that plutonium power plant they were talking about? Will that pesky inspector actually check for this stuff? And what about this operatioonal test? Does our robot even work?”

Man: kein! Wenn Sie das Papier betrachten, sehen Sie, daß ich korrekt bin.

Lady: Listen here you… You come in here spouting gibberish out the whohaw, with a fake schedule paper that is scribbled all over in Crayola, pretending to be a volunteer and you expect us NOT to call the police?

Man: Sind Sie sogar sprechender Deutscher? Ich kann nicht eine Sache verstehen, die Sie sagen.

I thought that we kept these sheets from BillFred. Here and here he has left his mark. Sticky finger marks , illegible writing and the fact that nothing adds up. I know we can fix it but do we have time?

Gal: Look, it says it right here: “Food may not be brought into the venue”
Guy: Yeah, but don’t you know who that is? It’s Dave! From NASA! And he’s not eating the banana, he’s only carrying it in his pocket!
Gal: I don’t care if he’s from Mars! It says right here: “Food may not be brought into the venue!” Where’s Al???

Girl: What kinda number is “101010101001011010101010111110000110100101”?

Guy: Oh, thats just 341 in binary!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Girl: COOL!!!

GIRL: SO waitaminute. That’s the game hint?
GUY: The official one.
GIRL: Then what was that thing with the fish?
GUY: A game hint also.
GIRL:Just not an official one.
GUY: Right.
GIRL:Then what do they have to do with each other?
GUY: Check it out: I was thinking. It’s in the shape of a manhole cover. You remove the manhole cover an dit leads down to the sewer. Everybody knows the sewer leads to the ocean and that’s where the fish are. So this years game there are five slime filled chambers that the robots are placed in and they are shuttled to the field where they have to gather multi colored Swedish Fish!
(long pause)

Girl: What team is that? Was I supposed to scout them?

Guy: Yes, we’re up against them in our next round. What kind of robot do they have?

Girl: Robot? I don’t know. I never saw them. Wait … was that the pit that was always empty, just a big “5” hung on a circle above it, with a lot of water on the floor?

Girl (with the safety glasses on): So, how about this one that I printed off of the FIRST site, this is the real clue for the game.

Guy: Ummmm… so which hotel is Lavery staying at? When you figure out the room number let me know.

Girl (with camera): Oh crap, they’re gonna get lavery with pie and whip cream. ::I didn’t say that::

Girl (without the safety glasses): This is why I look at the clue and just stop thinking until kickoff.

Guy: “What are we looking at now?”
Girl: “Caption Contest results.”
Guy: “But these dates are all in the future.”
Girl: “Yeah. Don’t tell anyone, but Billfred has them planned out for years. See, EddieMcD has 10 points for Caption Contest #128.”
Guy: “But why does it abbruptly end in April 2011?”
Girl: “Unforseen satelite deorbiting.”

Alright, I can’t procrastinate too long on this one, what with getting to bed before Santa comes through and all.

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

As for the honorable mentions…eh, I’m feeling generous. Twos for everybody!

And the burn award…

Which means the scores are:

Name    Total
Rich Wong    68
Wayne Doenges    60
MissInformation    59
Steve W    58
Boiler    53
Jane    50
EddieMcD    49
Al Skierkiewicz    48
Koko Ed    45
Mocat1530    45
Lukevanoort    42
Andy Baker    35
Hiteak    35
GaryV1188    34
Skimoose    34
T. Hoffman    34
InfernoX14    33
Jay H 237    33
KathieK    33
Cuog    32
Cody C    31
Dave Scheck    29
Dlavery    27
EricS-Team180    26
Andrew Blair    25
Goober!!!    23
Greg Needel    23
Rich Kressly    22
KelliV    21
KenWittlief    21
Michelle Celio    19
“Big Mike”    18
Gary Dillard    17
Jgjedi10    17
Joe Matt    17
Arefin Bari    16
Kyle A    16
Dorienne    15
Schnabel    14
Rohith Surampudi    13
Nehalita    12
Artdutra04    11
Thegathering    11
Dylan    10
Icurtis    10
Lil' Lavery    9
Raymaniac    9
Elgin Clock    8
Alex Cormier    7
anna~marie    7
BlondeNerd    6
Dhoizner    6
EricH    6
efoote868    5
Ewankoff    5
Imajie    5
Killerofkiller    5
taylort    5
Tytus Gerrish    5
Conor Ryan    4
KarenH    4
Rick Tyler    4
1derboy    3
Bcahn836    3
Danielle H    3
EricRobodox    3
Eric W. Jones    3
Tkwetzel    3
Astronouth7303    2
Budda648    2
Calhounian    2
Freddy Schurr    2
Graduns340    2
Jessica Boucher    2
LordTalps    2
Matt Krass    2
Mercury Rising    2
Ogre    2
robotcanuck1676    2
Adam Richards    1
Alex Burman    1
AndyB    1
AtalanteStar25    1
Beth Sweet    1
Brandon Martus    1
Daisy    1
huff_dragon    1
Miketwalker    1
Team1591    1
tony.dalia.195    1
Worldbringer    1
Xzvrw2    1


We are happy to see that the demise of Bill was over exaggerated.

Happy Holidays!