CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #134

It’s only 9:20, right?

Here’s the scores:

Rich Wong    77
EddieMcD    75
Wayne Doenges    68
Boiler    67
MissInformation    63
JaneYoung    61
Steve W    61
Al Skierkiewicz    55
Mocat1530    53
Lukevanoort    51
Koko Ed    49
Skimoose    46
EricS-Team180    43
GaryV1188    42
KathieK    42
Cody Carey    39
InfernoX14    39
Cuog    36
Hiteak    36
Andy Baker    35
T. Hoffman    34
Jay H 237    33
Dlavery    30
Dave Scheck    29
Andrew Blair    27
Goober!!!    27
Greg Needel    23
Icurtis    22
Rich Kressly    22
KelliV    21
KenWittlief    21
Joe Matt    20
Michelle Celio    20
“Big Mike”    18
Gary Dillard    17
Jgjedi10    17
Arefin Bari    16
Dorienne    16
Kyle A    16
Schnabel    16
EricH    14
Raymaniac    14
Rohith Surampudi    13
Nehalita    12
Artdutra04    11
efoote868    11
Thegathering    11
BlondeNerd    10
Dylan    10
Lil' Lavery    9
Dhoizner    8
Elgin Clock    8
Alex Cormier    7
anna~marie    7
Mister_Juggles    6
Rick Tyler    6
Ewankoff    5
Imajie    5
Killerofkiller    5
taylort    5
Tytus Gerrish    5
Conor Ryan    4
Danielle H    4
KarenH    4
trilogism    4
1derboy    3
Bcahn836    3
EricRobodox    3
Eric W. Jones    3
Tkwetzel    3
Alex Burman    2
Astronouth7303    2
Budda648    2
Calhounian    2
Daniel Brim    2
Eric W. Jones    2
Freddy Schurr    2
Graduns340    2
JBotAlan    2
Jessica Boucher    2
LordTalps    2
Matt Krass    2
Mercury Rising    2
Ogre    2
robotcanuck1676    2
Adam Richards    1
AndyB    1
AtalanteStar25    1
Beth Sweet    1
Brandon Martus    1
Daisy    1
Djalamose    1
huff_dragon    1
Miketwalker    1
Team1591    1
tony.dalia.195    1
Worldbringer    1
Xzvrw2    1
Jack K.    1
MattD1Drift    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight, unless you’re lucky. (Someday, I’m gonna get all of you on that. I swear.)


Refs " If we both look away from those field guys we wont have to help them."

Refs looking away laughing

“You’d think they’d figure out the lefty loosey, righty tighty thing by now!”

Under the guise of IRI guys, the crew of Candid Camera sets up for their next shoot…

Refs: “Hmm… I didn’t know that robots did that…”

How many fields could a firster fix if a firster could fix fields?

Refs: “WE DIDN’T DO IT!”
Field repair crew: “Yeah right–next I suppose they’ll say a robot did it.”

This is demonstration of why it is good to be an IRI ref, they give out Skittles between matches.

Ref in foreground: I wonder if they’ll figure out which connections I reversed?


  • ok, here we are - the cool referee look - armed and ready
  • uh, we think
  • erm, is that the chicken dance?

Thoughtful ref: “Wow, it’s so hot in here the balls are sticky.” Lucky thing I wore my khaki shorts.

Ref on Right: Hey, I got a riddle for you. How many IRI guys does it take to screw in one screw?
Ref on Left: Hmm, I’ll have to think about this one for a while.
IRI Guys: :mad: :mad:

Mission Briefing:
You will have to incapacitate several IRI Crew members outside the competition and wear their uniforms when you enter. You will then release the special toxin into the ventilation, it will cause all who inhale it to believe that their right bicep is leaking air and they have immensly tasty fingernails. This will provide you with exactly 5.00 minutes of cover. You will sabotage the field, and you will leave the grounds as soon as you are able. Good Luck.

±---------------+ ±-----------+ ±----------+
±---------------+ ±-----------+ ±----------+

Crew member on right: Dangit 393… we can’t mess with the wiring on the entire field just becuase your robot “doesn’t have power…”

Ref on left: This is so much fun!
Ref on right: I hate playing follow-the-leader. This guy always makes me look like a fool.

Ref on right. “hey, don’t tell the feild repairers, but I just farted.”

refs: Alright, lets do the “hokie pokie” now!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ref 1: “Is that supposed to happen?”
Ref 2: pulls out rule book “I don’t see anything in the rule book against it. You have to admit that it is pretty funny.”
Ref 1: “Yes it is. I could have sworn that you could never get a robot into that position.”

How many people in stripes does it take to change a light balb?


So thats what happens when some hapless VEX team tries to participate in a FRC. Good luck cleaning up all those pieces…