CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #135

Darnit, I’m missing commercials for this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the scores:

Rich Wong    79
EddieMcD    77
MissInformation    73
Wayne Doenges    70
Boiler    69
JaneYoung    63
Steve W    61
Al Skierkiewicz    57
Mocat1530    54
Lukevanoort    51
Koko Ed    49
Skimoose    46
GaryV1188    44
KathieK    44
EricS-Team180    43
Cody Carey    40
InfernoX14    40
Cuog    38
Hiteak    36
Jay H 237    36
Andy Baker    35
T. Hoffman    34
Dlavery    30
Dave Scheck    29
Goober!!!    28
Andrew Blair    27
Joe Matt    25
Greg Needel    23
Icurtis    22
Rich Kressly    22
KelliV    21
KenWittlief    21
Michelle Celio    20
“Big Mike”    18
Gary Dillard    17
Jgjedi10    17
Arefin Bari    16
Dorienne    16
EricH    16
Kyle A    16
Schnabel    16
Raymaniac    15
Rohith Surampudi    13
efoote868    12
Nehalita    12
Artdutra04    11
BlondeNerd    11
Thegathering    11
Dylan    10
Lil' Lavery    9
Dhoizner    8
Elgin Clock    8
Mister_Juggles    8
Alex Cormier    7
anna~marie    7
Rick Tyler    6
Danielle H    5
Ewankoff    5
Imajie    5
Killerofkiller    5
taylort    5
Tytus Gerrish    5
Conor Ryan    4
KarenH    4
trilogism    4
1derboy    3
Bcahn836    3
EricRobodox    3
Eric W. Jones    3
Tkwetzel    3
65_Xero_Huskie    2
Alex Burman    2
Astronouth7303    2
Budda648    2
Calhounian    2
Daniel Brim    2
Eric W. Jones    2
Freddy Schurr    2
Graduns340    2
JBotAlan    2
Jessica Boucher    2
Kyle    2
LordTalps    2
MattD1Drift    2
Matt Krass    2
Mercury Rising    2
Ogre    2
robotcanuck1676    2
Adam Richards    1
AndyB    1
AtalanteStar25    1
Beth Sweet    1
Brandon Martus    1
Daisy    1
Djalamose    1
huff_dragon    1
Jack K.    1
Miketwalker    1
Team1591    1
tony.dalia.195    1
Worldbringer    1
Xzvrw2    1
Courtneyb1023    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight EDT unless you’re lucky.


The shirt says it all.

If you rearrange the shirts they read: “SLACKER @ TRIPLE PLAY”

<not part of entry>Billfred, I’m missing comercialls too, because of a Spanish project.</not part of entry>

Karthik promised me to not to make me sing at IRI, if I can prove him that I am a slacker.

Holtzman was just glad that you only have to lift the robot 1 ft above ground and not any higher so that he didn’t have to go though the light.

FIRST fact: this year’s game was designed so that everyone without a portable bleacher could be as tall as Brandon.

The last words from Tyler when he climbed on top of the robot’s lexan top was, “ Cowabunga! Robot surfing dudes!”

The hospital visiting hours are from 4pm – 6pm.

“Here is an example of a slacker wannabee. He’s not sitting in a chair, the slacker’s natural habitat.”

Yes, its true. Only 2 people ever work hard, and the 3rd takes all the credit.

Why are the other slackers not wearing “SLACKER” shirts? They have been busy building a launcher, and are now ready to test it. “See ya later, Holtzman!”

Here we see a Slacker in his true habitat. Keeping others from doing any kind of work on their robot.
What this Slacker doesn’t realize is that the rest of the team substituted a mock-up for the real bot while they continued work on the real robot.

Testing out the Surf-Bot, in anticipation of the 2008 water game.

Great job guys. Now when they won’t let us take the stage at IRI we can bring our own.

1114 considered using an animitronic control board, complete with mini-joysticks. But they couldn’t figure out where to plug the Chiklet.

I hope i dont Rack my brains when this thing rolls.

How many times do I have to tell you, Slackers always win…

Beach Boys music in the back ground - Good, good, good, good vibrations -

oh yeah -
slackers rock

2 thumbs up!
we be robot dudes now - oh yeah

humming to Beach Boys - ooooWEEEEEEoooooooo
good, good, good, good vibrations…

some people have their heads in the clouds, me - I go for the ceiling…

You got the picture yet I’ve been here for ages

“Oooh, I wonder what happens when I press the shiny red button…”

Forgetting his proximity to the ceiling, Tyler gave a thumbs up to his friends, and took a super-man leap from the deck. Four ceiling tiles and 2 flourescent lights later, the deck was still in great shape. Tyler on the other hand…