CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #14

Alright, it’s that time again. Scores look something like this:

greencactus3: 44
 MissInformation: 33
 dlavery: 29
 Michelle 236: 26
 Jeff Waegelin: 25
 Greg Needel: 24
 Gary Dillard: 23
 "Big Mike": 21
 DCA Fan: 19
 EddieMcD: 18
 JVN: 18
 Mike Ciance: 17
 Andy Baker: 17
 Elgin Clock: 17
 Brandon Martus: 15
 Jay H 237: 14
 T. Hoffman: 12
 Amanda Morrison: 11
 Lil' Lavery: 11
 Dorienne Plait: 10
 Tom Schindler: 9
 Astronouth7303: 8
 BCahn836: 8
 GateRunner: 8
 JosephM: 8
 Vivelation: 7
 Aignam: 6
 Matt Attallah: 6
 Shyra1353: 6
 RogerR: 5
 Corey Balint: 4
 Eugenia Gabrielov: 4
 George1083: 4
 Jessica Boucher: 4
 Ken Patton: 4
 Meli W.: 4
 ZACH P.: 4
 Andrew Rudolph: 3
 Ben Lauer: 3
 David Kelly: 3
 Denman: 2
 DJ Fluck: 2
 ECarlson: 2
 Jack Jones: 2
 Joe Ross: 2
 Kyle45: 2
 Aaron Lussier: 1
 Coco The Monkey: 1
 Collin Fultz: 1
 DanielBCR: 1
 ElfMaster: 1
 Katie Reynolds: 1
 sanddrag: 1

Before I get to the picture, I’d like to remind the group of one thing…I only count one entry (that entry being your last)! I mean, you can post up as many as you theoretically can, but just know that I’m going to ignore all but one of them. :smiley:

And, for the picture…

Until Friday at 9:00…

Yes, it’s true, I’m not wearing denim!..Yes yes, it is a miracle…I finally let them stay in the closet for one night…yes thank you, I’m proud of me, too…

To counter its’ growing reputation as a high-priced luxury, Dean quickly realized they would need an alternate uniform for the Segway sales force.

$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@# she said it before I did! Oh well I’ll come up with something…just you wait.

The above was not an entry.

Dean, after his appearance on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy!

I wonder if he is going to get married on that segway.

not an entry
I’m sorry! :frowning: :frowning:

“hmmmm… now if I only have a bride…”

New from DEKA toys; It’s the long awaited Dean action figure. Now with self balancing Segway and Limited Edition Formal wear.*

Toys. Because DEKA is Fun-uh!

*Segway does not actually balance by self
*Batteries Not included
*Some assembly may be required

Dean in formal attire? Go MOE!

“Look Ma, no denim!”

“Sshhhhhh! Don’t tell Woodie, but I borrowed his tux. Now if only i could get my hands on those sneakers…”

Now all he needs is a suit for the segway.

Thats it North Dumpling Island needs a 24 hour denim emporium

“Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?”

[Not entry yet]
Is this what you’re looking for? This is an actual quote o.O
[/Not entry yet]

“Hello, everyone. I’m Dean Kamen, and yes I can, indeed walk.”
–Dean at BAE Regional in 2003

What could be so bright that makes him turn toward the MOE shirt?



“Oh my god! Is that fruit punch!? I LOVE fruit punch! Why didn’t I put a cup holder on this thing!?”

This picture would only make more sense if the Segway was wearing a long white dress and vail.

“I checked with the people at Guinness and they said my denim boxer shorts are good enough to keep my record intact.”