CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #148

I’m sure we’ll wrangle up a good time.

Here’s the scores:

EddieMcD    106
MissInformation    103
Rich Wong    99
Wayne Doenges    98
Boiler    94
JaneYoung    87
Al Skierkiewicz    86
GaryV1188    68
Steve W    65
Koko Ed    65
KathieK    62
Travis Hoffman    61
Cuog    61
InfernoX14    56
Skimoose    55
Mocat1530    54
Lukevanoort    54
Hiteak    51
EricS-Team180    49
Andy Baker    46
Cody Carey    45
Mister_Juggles    43
Joe Matt    41
Jay H 237    39
efoote868    39
Dave Scheck    36
EricH    34
Dlavery    33
BlondeNerd    32
Icurtis    29
Andrew Blair    29
Goober!!!    29
Raymaniac    27
Michelle Celio    25
Greg Needel    23
Rich Kressly    22
KenWittlief    21
KelliV    21
“Big Mike”    21
taylort    20
Schnabel    20
Arefin Bari    18
wpdrummer    17
Gary Dillard    17
Thegathering    17
Jgjedi10    17
Artdutra04    16
Dorienne    16
Kyle A    16
Barry Bonzack    15
Rohith Surampudi    13
Jessica Boucher    12
Nehalita    12
65_Xero_Huskie    11
Dylan    10
Alex Cormier    10
Lil' Lavery    9
Dhoizner    9
Elgin Clock    8
anna~marie    7
Pavan    7
Rick Tyler    6
Danielle H    6
Zyik    6
Stephi Rae    5
Eric W. Jones    5
Imajie    5
Tytus Gerrish    5
Ewankoff    5
Killerofkiller    5
trilogism    5
Don Rotolo    4
KarenH    4
LordTalps    4
Conor Ryan    4
Kyle    4
SizzelChest330    4
Beth Sweet    3
EricRobodox    3
Tkwetzel    3
1derboy    3
Bcahn836    3
ALIBI    2
Budda648    2
Calhounian    2
Daniel Brim    2
Graduns340    2
JBotAlan    2
Jonathan Norris    2
kawelch    2
Matt Krass    2
Mercury Rising    2
Alex Burman    2
Astronouth7303    2
Courtneyb1023    2
fluffy    2
Freddy Schurr    2
MattD1Drift    2
Ogre    2
robotcanuck1676    2
Adam Richards    1
AndyB    1
AtalanteStar25    1
Brandon Martus    1
Daisy    1
Djalamose    1
Eldarion    1
eshteyn    1
huff_dragon    1
i_am_Doug    1
Jack K.    1
Jeff 888    1
looneylin    1
Marc P.    1
Miketwalker    1
Peter Matteson    1
Team1591    1
tony.dalia.195    1
Wetzel    1
whlspacedude    1
whytheheckme    1
Worldbringer    1
Xzvrw2    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight.


Victory tastes like metal.

What? They aren’t gold foil covered chocolate?

Check out my grill, take that hip hop star.

Ever since the Ben Johnson debacle, Canadians always make sure their medals are real.

mmmmm… the breakfast of champions…

JOHN: It’s official: The food at the Canadian regional sucks!

Psst John - am I drooling?

“Are you sure this is how Dead would wear his metal?”

Grace Professionalism #1 No-No:
Never ever brag or taunt the losing team after receiving your medals.

Especially when Woodie Flowers is walking by at that moment.

Ever since we lost our money to the Canadian team, all we have to eat are our metals… we don’t want to tap into our Atlanta money after all.

FIRST introduces their newest hygiene product. Soap on a rope in the shape of regional finalist medals.
Here we see it being used as a disciplinary aid for some trash talking Canadian team :ahh:

Put your money where your metals are!

The Canadian tradition of “eat what you hunt” is taken to new extremes.

Karthik would soon find out that biting into his simulated gold FIRST champion medal was hazardous to his health. It has been found that any Canadian who does this is afflicted by a strange medical ailment ultimately characterized by rapid hair loss and erraticly goofy behaviour. JVN’s hair-challenged genetics and his status as an American citizen precluded him from falling prey to this mysterious condition, although he certainly has been known to display the symptoms at times! :slight_smile:

It starts out innocently enough, as the malicious gold-colored chemical compound seeps into a Canadian’s bloodstream and shows up in his hair as stylish blond-colored highlights. As you can see, it was already starting to affect Karthik just moments after the simulated gold first touched his lips. Eventually, however, the afflicted Canuck ended up as bald as a baby’s bottom, and he often felt compelled to run around FIRST events in a plaid skirt with horns on his head.

Fortunately for Karthik, the disease was partially reversible because he’s actually a U.S. Citizen, as well as a Canadian, and this allowed him to (almost) recover from this terrible affliction. With the help of Canada’s esteemed national health care program, he’s regained most of his hair, but unfortunately for him, and fortunately for the rest of us, the love of plaid skirts will be with him for eternity. Thanks to Karthik’s sacrifice in the name of medical science, all Canadians now know that “tasting victory” is only a metaphor, not a literal practice! This has definitely saved so many Niagara FIRST team members from a similar demise these past three years, and illustrates yet another reason why Karthik is such a valuable asset to his teammates.

(And since Billfred never gives me an opportunity to poke fun at myself in these contests…)

I suffered from a similar allergic reaction that was set off by my close proximity to a 2007 Buckeye Regional Champion gold medal. It turns out I had grown so accustomed to silver over the years that wearing a gold for the first time provided too much of a shock to my system. The primary symptom of this reaction was an uncontrollable urge to excessively promote defensive strategies to the FIRST community in the weeks following Buckeye (hey, did I ever tell you guys about the 2 defensive/1 offensive strat…) BAD MONKEY!!! THAT’S A BAD, BAD MONKEY!!! As you can see, I’m still recovering…:rolleyes:

Hm, Lets get the taste of these imbedded in our minds, we might not ever taste it again…

Solder always tasted better when sucked on.

It just isn’t the same without the maple syrup.

Once you’ve tasted victory, you’re always champing at the bit for more.

Ironicly 2 members of 229 from that year are now on team 148 and this is caption contest 148, my brain hurts now.

After winning the 2004 Long Island regional 229 and 1114 decided to display their bling in hood style as they saw while driving through NYC.