CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #15

Woohoo! Number fifteen!

It turns out that picking pictures is harder now. Trust me, it’s very hard not to use some of the photos, but c’mon, how many times can one person poke fun at Dean, freshmen, and Brandon?

(just kidding, Brandon)

[size=2]So, now for the scores…

 greencactus3: 45
 MissInformation: 35
 dlavery: 31
 Michelle 236: 31
 JVN: 28
 Greg Needel: 26
 Jeff Waegelin: 25
 Gary Dillard: 25
 "Big Mike": 22
 DCA Fan: 21
 EddieMcD: 19
 Elgin Clock: 19
 Mike Ciance: 17
 Andy Baker: 17
 Jay H 237: 16
 Brandon Martus: 15
 Dorienne Plait: 15
 T. Hoffman: 15
 Amanda Morrison: 13
 GateRunner: 10
 Lil' Lavery: 11
 BCahn836: 9
 JosephM: 9
 Tom Schindler: 9
 Astronouth7303: 8
 Aignam: 7
 Shyra1353: 7
 Vivelation: 7
 Matt Attallah: 6
 RogerR: 5
 Corey Balint: 4
 Eugenia Gabrielov: 4
 George1083: 4
 Jessica Boucher: 4
 Ken Patton: 4
 Meli W.: 4
 ZACH P.: 4
 Andrew Rudolph: 3
 Ben Lauer: 3
 David Kelly: 3
 DanielBCR: 2
 Denman: 2
 DJ Fluck: 2
 ECarlson: 2
 Jack Jones: 2
 Joe Ross: 2
 karinka13: 2
 Kyle45: 2
 tkwetzel: 2
 Aaron Lussier: 1
 Coco The Monkey: 1
 Collin Fultz: 1
 DanielBCR: 1
 ElfMaster: 1
 JakeGallagher: 1
 Katie Reynolds: 1
 Rich Wong: 1
 sanddrag: 1
 wetzel: 1

And now, for the picture. I’m sure you’ll have such a hard time coming up with a good burn for this one…

Until Friday night at 9:00…

“After being put in the caption contest by his evil twin, Billfred plotted his revenge using the red roses growing out of his jacket.”

“Okay how long do I have to smile like this? My mouth is starting to freeze like this, and my smile’s not good either!!”

(Take note I’m seriously joking. This is a cute picture. =D…and no I am not sucking up.)

“Thanks to some brillant photoshopping, Billfred managed to successfully remove the spinach from his teeth, post picture-taking.”

Since when do you need to wear a tux and smell like roses when on the radio?

I think Dean is starting to set a trend. Nice tux Billfred

A cleanly shaven Tarzan, newly domesticated by the seemingly desperate Jane, emerges from his jungle domain to pose for a picture just prior to his wedding - “Me Tarzan. You photographer. Me show big scary teeth to camera. beats chest AHHHHHHHH-U-A-U-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

“Hurry up, Mom! My date is waiting for me!”

unknown to billfred, his date had pointed the flower towards his face, so when he squeezed the pump, all the water splashed towards himself, resulting in the clean teeth (removal of the spinach) :smiley: and the wonderful smile…all the while plotting revenge.

[hint] for those of you who have no idea what im talking about[/hint]

Last week Dean borrowed Woodies tux and this week Billfred? I wonder if they borrowed the tennis shoes? :ahh:

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any gir…er…dude who isn’t me tonight.
lalalalalala la la lala!

“Now only if my drivers license photo came out this nice!”

“You would be smiling too if you got to choose next week’s picture to be captioned…”

“Presenting the runner-up in this year’s “Dean Kamen Look-Alike Contest.” All the judges agreed that it was a valiant effort, and the contestant would likely have won, but had only one of the two required costumes.”

“Moon over Parma bring my love to me tonight…”

Cleveland Rocks!

“The only thing that could make this photo better, is a lovely lady by my side. Any takers?”

Some of you will appreciate this and others will be totally baffled by my post for this pic.
And It goes a little something like this…
Uh 1,
Uh 2,
Uh 1-2-3-4,

“Bow Chica Bow Wow!!” :yikes:

Bill is in deep thought:
((Please mister photographer…… take the picture already! A little faster pleassssssse!
This tuxedo is killing me. The boutonniere pin is stabbing me…. The tie is too tight… my underwear is running up the you know what…… and this fake background was a big mistake……Oh God…. I just want to scream…… shot the picture already! I can’t hold this smile any longer…)) click NEXT!

Behind this well-dressed nice guy persona is one tough hombre, like his grandpa , shown here with his taller partner.

Andy B.

After years of bothering Dean, Billfred finally fufills his dream of being Dean’s best man.